Beautiful Places in Pakistan of south Punjab

Beautiful Places in Pakistan overview

There may not be a more picturesque scenery than Pakistan’s windswept plains, unexplored towns, and mountain peaks. Here are some of Pakistan’s most breathtaking locales, from untamed mountain passes and surreal lakes to elaborate mosques and historic forts.



    swat valley, Beautiful Places in Pakistan
    sawat valley

    It is one of the most well-known Buddhist-era archaeological sites. There are 1400 exquisite stupas and monasteries in Swat, according to legend. They served as temples for 6,000 gold Buddhist statues and as educational centers for spreading awareness of the religion. A Picturesque Valley Known As SWAT May Be Found In Pakistan’s Northwest Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province At An Average Elevation Of 980 Meters (3,220 Feet).Swat Is Known For Its Breathtaking Natural Beauty, Yet Many Of Its Tourist Attractions Are Dispersed Over A 5,337 Km2 Area. Swat Valley (Swat) Is Referred To Be The “Switzerland” Of Pakistan Due To Its Picturesque Landscape And Snow-capped Mountains. The Valley was once a Taliban stronghold, and peace did not come until Pakistani military forces carried out special operations and cleaned up the entire region.

    Despite its challenging past, Swat Valley has a very promising present and future. This stunning valley in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan appears to be a scene from a fairy tale. Think of lush, green rivers, lovely cities, and forests and fields that are so pristine and vividly cultured that you would have never thought they were genuine. Swat’s Ultimate Splendor Can Be Found In The Vicinity Of Kalam Which Serves As A Base To Explore The Magnificence Of The Valley.


  • Hunza valley ,Beautiful Places in Pakistan
    Hunza valley

    Hunza valley is most Beautiful Places in Pakistan. Many tourists traveled to Hunza specifically to catch a glimpse of the Rakaposhi Mountain’s brilliant ice wall. Passu Peak, Ultra Peak, and Kuksel Sar are three further well-known mountains in Hunza. The finest months to visit Karimabad and the Hunza Valley are April through October. But if you don’t like crowds, stay away from those months. When The Weather Is Warm And Pleasant, Both Locals And Chinese Visitors Travel To The Hunza Valley, Which May Get Rather Crowded During The Midsummer Months.One Of Hunza’s Well-known Meals Is Harissa. The Meal Is Made With Wheat, Boiling Meat, And Local Oil; Occasionally, Butter Is Used As The Oil, And Other Times, Dry Apricot Seeds Are Used As The Oil With Harissa.


  • kalash valley, Beautiful Places in Pakistan
    kalash valley

    The members of the Kalash religion, a polytheist faith resembling early variants of Hinduism, sacrifice animals to their gods. Their Faith And Culture Are Intertwined, And They Have A Number Of Distinctive Holidays And Celebrations. The Kalash people of Chitral, in what is now Pakistan, follow a traditional version of Rigvedic Hinduism. It is the most Beautiful Places in Pakistan. For thousands of years, the Kalash people have been successful in preserving their own old Hindu culture and religion. The two most frequent types of marriage are monogamy and polygamy. In the Kalash community, elopement, planned weddings, and love marriages are all fairly frequent. In the Kalash culture, love marriages are among the most significant and prevalent sorts of unions.Without a car, the best method travel from Lahore to Kalash Valley is via cab, which would cost you between $140 and $180 and take 8h 15m.

  • 4.Faisal Mosque 

  • faisal mosque ,Beautiful Places in Pakistan
    Faisal mosque,
  • The Largest Mosque In Pakistan Is The Faisal Mosque, Which Is Situated In Islamabad, The Country’s Capital. An Internationally Recognized Symbol Of Islamabad. It Was Created By Turkish Architect Vedat Dalokay And Finished In 1986 In The Style Of A Desert Bedouin Tent. The Faisal Mosque’s architecture has won honours.The Faisal Mosque, designed by Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay, won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture because of its contemporary and distinctive style, which does not have the typical domes and arches found in the majority of mosques worldwide.   

  • why faisal mosque are famous?  

  •                                                            This mosque, which is also known as Faisal Masjid or Shah Faisal Mosque by others, was a gift from the late Saudi Arabian King Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz. His Dedication To The Creation Of This Stunning Beauty In The Federal Capital Led To The Naming Of The Mosque In His Honour. An Architect From Turkey By The Name Of Vedat Dalokay Is Credited With Designing The Faisal Mosque. One of Pakistan’s largest mosques is this one. The magnificent Faisal Mosque is the pride of Islamabad and a popular destination for visitors to the city. The Finest And Most Distinctive Marbles In The World Were Used To Build The Mosque. The mosque’s distinctive design and ability to accommodate a large number of people make it special. An Architect From Turkey Created The Faisal Mosque. Which Was Chosen From 43 Other Designs. Furthermore, The Faisal Mosque’s Architecture Differs From That Of Other Mosques In Which The Dome Is Viewed As A Key Component. The Mosque’s Interior Is Beautifully Ornamented With Quranic Verses.


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