Take your Business to the Next League by launching TVOD Channel

Numerous video platforms and content types have emerged during the last two decades. Companies have established several such monetization schemes, from which consumers have the freedom to pick in accordance with their needs, in response to changes in consumer preferences and patterns of content consumption. One of these approaches is TVOD, or Transactional Video on Demand, which is currently utilized by several significant market participants, including iTunes, Amazon’s video shop, and Sky Box Office.

TVOD gives you upperhand to tote around in its Knapsack of Positive advantages. One such aspect to ponder upon is TVOD can be best-suited for newer platforms who have started out their journey in this industry. So let’s know how exactly this model works and how one can implement this model in their platform.

What is TVOD Monetization Model https://www.muvi.com/video-on-demand-vod.html

Transactional Video on Demand is referred to as TVOD. This strategy involves renting or selling video material to the audience, with the public just having to pay for the specific content they choose. The SVOD paradigm is categorically opposed to TVOD video streaming. In contrast to SVOD, which builds a sizable library of video material for a broad range of targeted audiences and grants them access for a long time or until the end of the subscription term.

How effective is TVOD for business

The TVOD model of distribution has proven successful for companies who cater to audiences searching for particular types of content. One of these sectors is online education, where students may pick the course that most closely matches their needs rather than searching through all the options.

The TVOD model is a successful approach for OTT platform sales of recently released films. Giving customers a flexible playback option to access information at their convenience, this is a wonderful substitute for theatrical release. This ultimately serves a huge audience, including the males who, because to their busy schedules, miss the theatrical release.

How to launch your TVOD streaming platform?

If one takes a sophisticated strategy, starting a VOD platform would take quite a bit of work. In order to establish a foundation for one’s streaming business, considerable financial resources would be needed. However, platform providers like Muvi have made it simple for content producers to start their own platforms with a few mouse clicks. So allow me to demonstrate to you how the lengthy procedure may be reduced to a few simple steps.

1. Choose your Vendor

Selecting a reputable video hosting service is the first step in creating your white label VoD platform. You may save money by using free video hosting services like YouTube, but in the long term, you won’t be able to build your brand using these B2C video hosting services. To assist sell, promote, and monetise your VoD material, you would need a reputable online video platform like Muvi. Features including adaptive bitrate streaming, bulk upload, cloud transcoding, DRM, and white label video streaming services are available.

Muvi advises signing up for their free trial first so you can try out all of their services without paying a dime.

2. Choose the suitable plan

Depending on the integrations and customizations you choose, you may select your preferred monthly plan from Muvi Standard, Muvi Professional, or Muvi Enterprise after exploring all of Muvi’s features. As for the features that may be enhanced if one wants to level-up their platform, Muvi provides a fair pricing.

3. Customize your front end

Choose a template from Muvi’s amazing collection as the first essential step in creating your video streaming website. To locate pre-built templates from Muvi that can be customized to make it more appealing for your end users, log in to Muvi Dashboard or the CMS menu. You may also integrate your design into Muvi if you want to have your own set of unique user interfaces. If you need assistance, Muvi has a responsive support staff that will create a custom theme template for you.

4. Upload your content

When you’re through customizing the template, you may go on to the content section. You may upload your material by simply selecting the “Add Content” button on your Muvi Dashboard and entering the necessary parameters, such as the content’s name, category, description, and release date, to start the uploading process.

5. Choose the Revenue Model

You can select from a variety of content monetization strategies using Muvi’s platform, including SVoD, TVoD, and AVoD. Coupons or contribution monetization are further options. Simply click “Update” after selecting the checkboxes for various monetization schemes under “Monetization Model” in the “Monetization” -> “Settings” menu. That’s how easy the procedure is.

6. Ready to Roll out!

Now that your platform is ready, you may launch your OTT platform with Muvi One under your own domain name. It merely takes a few clicks to update the domain name whether you have already acquired your own domain for the platform or if you have yet to purchase the domain.

What’s so different about Muvi?

Muvi has proven itself to be the best alternative to many big providers. Its various notable features have set a differentiation factor for Muvi which one could hardly find with any other provider. Some of are:
VOD to Live playout option
User Generated Content system
Physical Merchandise feature

To gain more insight do visit the feature page of Muvi do a basic comparison of it with other players. Still having doubt? Take a 14-days free trial offered by Muvi without even sharing any of your credit card details.