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Super Delicious Dry Cakes

Super Delicious Dry Cakes For All Health Freaks Out There

Is there anything in this world that is more alluring than the aroma of freshly baked cakes? Our every celebration and happy moment seems to look incomplete in the absence of these. The intoxicating fragrance of cake will surely please your taste buds, and bring a thousand dollar smile to anyone’s face. Putting your hunt to order cake online to an end with numerous varieties of cake is quite difficult. From our curated list of healthy dry cakes, you can choose anyone for the sake of your loved one’s well being. Any occasion or party seems to look colorless until cakes become a part of it. Now, end your party with a sweet note of less sugar cakes of your favorite flavor. Nowadays, Bakers are availing to you with a more exciting variety of cakes like photo cake, jar cakes, multi-tier cake, poster cake, themed, heart shaped cake and more. So, what are you waiting for? Without any second thought just dig into our whole new era of dry healthy cakes. 

Butter Cake 

Nowadays, health is considered as a key to good survival in everyone’s life. But it does mean that we have to sacrifice our sweet cravings for keeping ourselves healthy. And, butter cake is the best option for enjoying a perfect balance between health and taste. For baking, this cake butter, egg, flour and baking soda is used.  People usually love to have sweet bites of this with tea. So what are you waiting for? Try some for satiating your taste buds.

Sponge Cake 

The most popular cake comes in a category of dry cakes that are loved by people of every age group. The name of this cake clearly clarifies the main feature of this cake. Sponge cake is super moist and fluffy and its texture. Also, it will rise to a huge height at the time of baking. The main ingredient of this cake is a lot of egg instead of baking soda or baking powder. For making a feeling of this cake lemon curd or whipped cream is used. It is the perfect snack for those who love to make sweet bites after every meal. 

Chiffon Cake

This cake was invented in the streets of America, and it’s gaining popularity all over the world now. Chiffon cake is super soft in its texture and it is made with vegetable oil that makes it super light. One can also say that this cake is filled with a treasure of rich flavors. For baking, this cake tall pans are used and for making the filling of this cake stiffly beaten egg white is used. Chiffon cake has multiple layers of soft bread just like a delicious choco truffle cake

Carrot Cake 

Carrots are super healthy for the healthy well being of a person. But do you imagine healthy bites of carrot in the form of a cake? If not, you must have to try this flavorful cake that is not only healthy but also gives you a taste of alluring flavors. For making this cake butter is not used in place of it, vegetable oil and canola oil is added in the process of baking carrot cake. 

White Wine Cake

The name of this cake sounds really exciting, right? Well, once you have it after that you will surely fall in love with this delicious delight. The main ingredients of these cakes are cinnamon, nuts, wine, and orange juice. Inner filling white wine cake is super white at the bottom of this cake. At the end white sugar is powdered over it, perfect to have a sweet bite. 

These are some amazing healthy dry cakes that you just have to try for pampering your taste bud with new flavors. 


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