15 kW Solar System: Bringing efficient energy solutions

The shift to renewable energy sources from conventional energy systems is ruling the energy industry in the 21st century. Renewable energy or to be more precise solar energy has become the most sort after energy solution. Sun is an abundant source of energy, and so solar energy is perceived to be the most popular renewable energy source. Looking back at the contribution of humans to the deterioration of the environment that eventually triggered climate change, we understand the need for redemption. With the COPs organised to discuss the possible actions that can be taken to mitigate and adapt to climate change, Solar energy has emerged as a potential solution.


Most leaders and governments have planned their plan of action for mitigating climate change around the use and popularization of solar systems. Whether Penrith Solar or Solar installations in other regions of Australia, Solars are the future of energy across the globe. Solar systems can be installed in various capacities depending on the requirements. From small and big households to entire towns, solar systems can produce electricity efficiently and in a significant amount.


One such popular variant of solar installation is the 15kW solar system which is effective to meet the electricity needs of a commercial space or a comparatively bigger household. Here we will try to understand the functionality and the benefits of a Solar System 15Kw.


15 kW Solar System! What is it?


The 15 kW solar system is a comparatively larger electricity generation unit. It generates enough electricity to meet the electricity needs of commercial establishments and larger households. It can produce around 60 kWh of electricity with consistent and greater exposure to sunlight.


A 15 kW solar system is often paired with 40 to 60 solar panels, depending on the wattage of the panels, and a 10 or 15 kW inverter. The set-up can be installed on the rooftop or unused land with consistent and direct solar exposure.



Why is a 15 kW solar system a good choice?


A 15 kW solar system is an ideal choice for residential or commercial electricity requirements. It is instrumental in providing relief from hefty electricity bills due to the consistently heavy usage of electricity. The  15 kW solar system offers 60 kWh of energy a day and is an ideal combination of quality and performance for use in commercial or residential space.

Is a 15 kW solar system the perfect requirement for you? Well to find out that, you need to first access the total energy consumption in the space you are considering. Installation of solar systems directly depends on energy consumption. From bringing impressive reductions in energy costs to making a positive impact on the environment, solar energy is the future of energy production across the world.



Benefits of opting for a 15kW solar system:


With the installation of the 15kW solar system, one can achieve the following benefits –


  • Affordable: With climate justice solutions becoming a necessity and prominent requirement, the need for emission-free energy solutions has become a must. Most governments offer exclusive rebates because solar energy is the cleanest and the most abundant source of renewable energy. With the rebates available and the huge production of solar solutions, the installation of solar systems has become an affordable option.
  • Electricity Independence: Opting for solar energy as the primary source of electricity can help in becoming energy independent. Installing a Solar System of 15Kw can help in producing enough electricity for a big household with significant power consumption. With solar energy in use, the grid dependency can be reduced and one can achieve the status of going off-grid. Energy independence can be highly beneficial during power failures due to bad weather or any other unusual circumstances.


  • Cost cutting: Installing solar systems can promote cost-cutting in the long run. The introduction of solar energy along with traditional electricity can help in bringing down the annual electricity bills. With a one-time investment in the solar system, you can enjoy a significant reduction in your electricity bills. However, there are two prominent ways to use the electricity produced through solar panels. You can either connect the solar system with the grid connection and enjoy deductions in the annual electricity bills. The other way can be to connect the solar system with the inverter and use the electricity directly.


In both ways, solar energy can bring along significant cost-cutting solutions to power consumption.

  • Power Backup: Installing a solar system can offer convenient power backup for unpredictable situations where there is a shortage of power. It can also serve as an additional power option in places which is still out of the grid or faces major power failures.
  • Durable: Solar systems are durable and easy to maintain. They can continue to be efficient and productive in the long run without any major hassle. Solar systems are designed to be effective for around 20 to 25 years.

Final Word

Needless to say, solar energy has emerged to be a major energy source in the energy industry. Moreover, with the popularity and the benefits of switching to solar energy, it can be rightly said that solars are the future. The 15 kW Penrith Solar is a prominent solar option that offers significant energy solutions.


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