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Is headless WordPress Open source?

Create website with headless wordpress themes CMS is a platform-independent content management system that supports several platforms. You will not only have a free choice of technology, but you will also be able to work with simple code. 

Headless CMS isn’t just for websites; it also allows you to provide content straight through API wherever it’s needed. As a result, you may easily publish content for iOS, Android, or any other platform. Aside from WordPress and open source, there are many more amazing CMS solutions. Headless CMSs have been popular as a way to provide marketers greater freedom while also streamlining the development process.

How do I use headless WordPress with SSGs?

GatsbyJS and other static site generators stackground (SSGs) make it simple to collect data from APIs and produce a static PWA that can be deployed to any web server or content delivery network. However, relying solely on an SSG limits marketing teams. 

The majority of SSGs lack a WYSIWYG editor as well as workflow functionality for tracking and collaborating on content development. Developers may configure an SSG to extract content via APIs and build a new static site whenever content in the CMS changes. As a result, the static site is always up to date, yet just minimal processing is required when a visitor accesses the site. The combination of a headless CMS with SSG is ideal.

What are the open source SSGs? 

For certain sorts of websites, static site generators (SSGs) have increased in favor among developers. It is very simple to create a website using traditional tools like Jekyll, Hexo, Hugo, and others without having to worry about server-side requirements. Having the correct static website CMS also makes it simple to manage your site’s content.

You change the content and develop the site on your machine before deploying it to a live web server with a static site. A static website can be hosted on any web server that can serve HTML files, and some solutions, such as GitHub Pages and Gitlab Pages, will even host your static website for free.

Some Static Site Generators

  • NextJS
  • Gatsby
  • Netlify CMS
  • Siteleaf
  • Publii
  • DatoCMS
  • Forestry

Can I create a headless WordPress website on my own?

Headless WordPress themes are designed to be simple to use, even for those with no prior experience with site development or coding. Using the right theme and plugin, anyone can create a professional website or blog. However, if you require more complex customized features, you can hire a team of headless WordPress developers.

How do I use APIs? 

For a website developed using headless WordPress backend and frontend based on static site generators, you need to connect both ends using APIs like GraphQL APIs. This helps in creating modern websites using a decoupled approach using Jamstack technology. GraphQL APIs help to integrate headless WordPress and static site generators like Gatsby or modern JavaScript frameworks like NextJS. 

  • Get an API Key
  • Test API Endpoints
  • Create your first App

Get an API Key

An API Key is a one-of-a-kind combination of letters and digits. Each request must include an API key so that the API can recognize you. To obtain an API key, you must first register with the API server and provide your personal information.

Test API Endpoints

After receiving the API key, may test the API endpoints to see if everything works as intended. with a REST client like Postman. In the case of RapidAPI, things are a lot easier. We may immediately go to the portion of the API that interests us, subscribe to it if necessary, then enter the necessary data directly on the API page and view the endpoint’s response after registering with the RapidAPI service.

Create your first App

After double-checking that the endpoints are working as intended, begin building the application, which will include API requests. RapidAPI can help us simplify our lives in this regard. utilize the Code Snippet block on the API page we need. use your chosen programming language and acquire code that implements the job just tested right away.

How do I update the headless WordPress website?

  • Update WordPress via the WP Admin Dashboard
  • Update WordPress Manually via FTP
  • Update WordPress via WP-CLI
  • Update WordPress Automatically

How do I customize the headless WordPress website?

  • Install a plugin if you wish to add functionality to your theme.
  • Depending on your theme, use the Customizer in your WordPress admin screens to change fonts, colors, and maybe layout.
  • If you’re using a page builder theme, take advantage of its capabilities to personalize the look of your site.
  • If you’ve installed a framework theme, you may edit your site using one of the various child themes, as well as any customization options accessible on the admin pages.
  • Edit the theme’s code directly if your theme is special to your site and you’re comfortable doing so.
  • Create a child theme if you wish to change the code of a third-party theme.


A Headless WordPress website is easier to manage with the known admin panel where you can customize and manage using Gutenberg and SG headless Builder without coding, stackground has custom developed a and it is easy to create and manage a website using their pre-built headless WordPress website templates. 

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