Bihar's Most Famous Dishes | Bihar Cuisine Dishes You Shouldn't Miss!

Bihar’s Most Famous Dishes | Bihar Cuisine Dishes You Shouldn’t Miss!

Bihar’s Most Famous Dishes | Bihar Cuisine Dishes You Shouldn’t Miss!

Bihar’s Most Famous Dishes, Bihar a historically rich state, is also well-known for the variety of delicacies cuisine. The delectable and diverse Bihari cuisines can tickle the taste buds of any culinary enthusiast.

Here is a collection of must-try Bihari culinary dishes that go beyond the standard Sattu or Parval ki Mithai and will leave you wanting more!

1. Litti Chokha Bihar’s Most Famous Dish

The delectable flavor of Litti Chokha, enjoyed by many, needs no introduction. It is your grand introduction to Bihari cuisine in all its ghee-dripping splendor.  It is made from wheat and spiced with sattu, then formed into spheres and dipped in ghee.The texture of Litti, combined with its crispy crust, makes it a foodie’s delight. Chokha is created by mashing boiling vegetables (usually potatoes, brinjal, and tomatoes), adding spices and chopped onion, garlic, and other ingredients, and served as a side dish with Litti.
Sattu, or fried gramme flour, is a distinctive characteristic of Bihari cuisine. Sattu paratha, also known as makuni, is produced by combining sattu with spices, wrapping it in wheat dough balls, rolling it, and baking it with ghee on a hot pan.

2. Chana Ghugni Bihar’s Most Famous Dish

A Chana Ghughni is a spicy-tangy evening snack from Bihar cuisine. This mouth-watering snack, which is quite common yet equally wonderful, is cook in practically every family in Bihar. Boiled chickpeas, cooked with onion and spices, and served with “Chuda ka bhuja” (flattened rice) is a delicious way to quench your appetite! Other salty snacks are make with flatten and dry gramme.

3. Khajuria/Thekua

Khajuria is the most prevalent type of Bihari snack. The wheat flour and jaggery combination is deeply frie, and lo! This tasty snack is ready to fulfill your appetite! To produce alternative variants, substitute rice flour for wheat flour and sugar for thekua jaggery.

4. Dal Peetha

Dal Peetha is the Bihari method of making dumplings or momos. This traditional Bihari dish is coat in rice flour and pack with lentil paste, spices, and pickles. The dumpling is then steam or fried and serves as a nutritious breakfast. Dal-Puri is a version of this in which the lentil paste is combine with spices and rolled into chappatis.

5. Laai

The moms and grandparents of the home poured jaggery syrup all over gently cooked cereal and then molded it into large balls. Talk about delicious comfort food! Puff rice (muri), beaten rice (choora), or Ram dana may be use as a cereal. If you try it, the laai will become your favorite Saturday evening snack!

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