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Buying a Bong from a Bong Shop in Vancouver? Choose Percolator Bongs

If you love to smoke marijuana recreationally, you likely prefer bongs over other smoking devices. You can purchase different bongs from a local bong shop in Vancouver or an online headshop. Different kinds of bongs will give you a distinct experience with marijuana smoking. Additionally, glass bongs are the most popular among various types of bongs. Nonetheless, bongs with percolators make marijuana smoking even pleasant for smokers. Percolator bongs are a must-have for cannabis lovers, especially veteran cannabis users. 

Why Are Percolator Bongs Popular?

Percolator bongs are highly popular because they give marijuana users the most pleasing experience to smoke marijuana. Every draw from these bongs is mystical because marijuana users can feel the pure cannabis taste due to their percolators. Their design is another contributing factor to the pleasant high that bong users get via them. Percolator bong designs ensure bong users get the maximum hit they desire, time and time again. 

What a Percolato Bong Is?

Percolator bongs have a diffuser and a filter that extract the best component of marijuana flowers. Besides, percolator bong elements eliminate nasty carcinogens from herbs for bong users to experience their pure taste. Today, many bongs come with a percolator; however, it’s not easy to decide which bong you may choose. We shall tell you about different types of percolator bongs to help you buy the best bongs if you love bongs.

Howe Do Percolator Bongs Work?

Typically, a percolator bong works while driving different pressures between outlets. The mechanism of percolator bongs forces the smoke down into the water to filter smoke while the smoker inhales. Filtered smoke diffuses in the percolator to break smoke particles into fine and smooth particles. The overall mechanism of percolator bongs helps smokers smoke marijuana with the best experience. The filtration process helps smokers get cool and delicious hits smoking flowers and avoid heavy coughing. Briefly, percolator bongs increase bong efficiency, trap toxins, and offer pure hits to cannabis smokers. Hence, investing in percolator bongs from a bong shop in Vancouver will help you enjoy smoking flowers at best.

Percolator Bongs You May Buy from a Bong Shop

Now you know what percolator bongs are and why they are excellent bongs to smoke marijuana. It’s time we told you about percolator bongs you may consider and buy from a bong shop. The following are the best percolator bongs to smoke weed:

Tree Percolator Bongs:

You can find tree percolator bongs with flow paths ranging from 1 to 8. Moreover, more flow paths or arms in these bongs mean more intricate glasswork. Tree percolator bongs are rare, owing to the complexity of making these bongs. However, these high-end bongs are among the best bongs for smoking marijuana with the best experience and perfect filtration.

Dome Percolator Bongs:

Mostly, dome percolator bongs come in artistic designs. Plus, they have a single large dome for directing smoke into a separate water column. These bongs are aesthetically appealing and offer you the best smoking experience with your herbs. Hence, you can enjoy the best of both worlds choosing them for marijuana smoking.  

Coil Percolator Bongs:

They are very much the same as tree percolator bongs. However, they have bent trees into the coil shape. They are excellent bongs for smoking weed; however, they can irritate with a long drag at times. When you invest in these bongs, make sure you don’t compromise on their quality for the price.

Ring Percolator Bongs:

Another variation of tree percolator bongs are ring or halo or Disc percolator bongs. Plus, they have a single bent stem joined up with a U-bend. Most of the time, ring percolator bongs have a small size because of their long drag. Many herb smokers love these bongs due to the smoother hits they get via ring percolator bongs.

Pinwheel Percolator Bongs:

You will rarely find these bongs; however, they have a superb swirl pattern to eradicate toxins from flowers. Thus, you can count on these bongs to smoke marijuana with the best experience. 

Inline Percolator Bongs:

These are the first cousins of dewar percolator bongs; hence, they provide weed users with the best marijuana smoking experience. What makes these bongs unique is the unusual bubbles they produce enhancing the bong diffusion system.

Honeycomb Percolator Bongs:

These are high-class percolator bongs and are extremely popular among cannabis users who smoke weed through bongs. 


You can purchase different bongs from a local bong shop in Vancouver or an online headshop. Percolator bongs increase bong efficiency, trap toxins, and offer pure hits to cannabis smokers. You should also invest in percolator bongs to enjoy smoking marijuana at its best. Lastly, consider the tree, dome, coil, ring, pinwheel, inline, and honeycomb percolator bongs to smoke weed with the best experience. 

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