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Buying Guide to Floor lamps

Floor lamps are the most comfortable additional light in the world. They just need a plug and a little space and we are sure they will become your favorite lamp. And also, if you get tired or if you need to renew your home decoration, you can always easily move them around and take them to another room. Read on to find out how to find exactly the floor lamp that best suits your needs and the style of your home.

The shape of the floor lamp

Floor lamps are roughly divided into 3 groups depending on their shape and functionalities: classic, arched or with indirect light.


It consists of a stable base and a fabric shade. The light shines through the screen smoothly and without dazzling. The classic model is both decorative and functional, constantly reinventing itself based on trends, for example incorporating a tripod-shaped foot.

Arc lamps

The arc floor lamps are made up of a foot, more or less curved, and a lampshade that hangs from the top. It is used as spot lighting in areas such as the sofa or the reading corner, and is perfectly suited to relaxation areas.

With indirect light

The shade opens at the top, giving off a cozy, non-dazzling indirect light. It is perfect as a second point of light. In addition, some incorporate a second arm, called the reading arm, which makes them doubly functional.

The function

Floor lamps always fulfill a specific task. Depending on the model, one can speak of a functional or decorative floor lamp.

Standing lamps

for the living room, hallway or bedroom. You do not need an additional power connection so installation is very simple. If you want a functional lamp, choose between floor lamps with fabric shades and a light source of around 400 lumens or floor lamps with high intensity indirect light. Of course, it is better to opt for LED technology.

Decorative floor lamps

The two classic models with shade and all design variants with and without LEDs enrich the room with a visual and individual accent. There are floor lamps of all styles available for this purpose. Ceiling washers and arc lights, on the other hand, are more functional.

Floor lamp for reading

The best light for reading, sewing or any other creative activity. Opt for arc lamps, floor lamps with indirect light and reading arm or any floor lamps with adjustable light. These types of lamps serve to create optimal visual comfort, concentrating the light exactly where it is needed.

Lamps to work

In the office, in the library or in your telework space: office floor lamps are somewhat different from the ones we normally use at home. The lighting in the office has to meet certain standards. Products with HCL and other similar technologies allow for longer and more efficient work hours.

Floor lamps with Extra functions

A floor lamp with additional functions can add extra functionality and comfort. In the case of smart lighting, they can take lighting to a new level, even more, creative and customizable.

Adjustable floor lamp

With a dimmable floor lamp, you can make the light a little more comfortable or brighter, depending on the situation.

Height adjustable floor lamps

The height-adjustable floor lamp is perfectly suited to armchairs, sofas or any corner of the room of your choice.

Smart floor lamps

Customize your light, control the lighting through your smart device and integrate it into your home to obtain a very “Smart” result.

The style

Completely personal: choose the floor lamp based on your tastes and the style of your home. In this way, you will underline and enrich the appearance of the room and make the lamp fit perfectly in the general decoration of your home.

The great design classics

Some floor lamp achieved world fame many decades ago and are now available as authentic original reproductions. Others are modern classics that impress with their refined and exquisite design.

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