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Ethical Hacker Certification and All Its Imperatives You Need to Know

Hacking refers to the activity of breaching a network’s security system and gathering information and confidential data unlawfully. Hackers cost billions of dollars to the cyber markets due to their menace.

Ethical hacking is one prospect that uses the same methods to find loopholes in a vulnerable security system and strengthen it.

A cyber security certification helps in securing the data as well. A person can become an ethical hacker by completing a professional course and passing the Certified Ethical Hacker Examination.

There is a wide range of institutions that specialize in providing the course.

This article elaborates on the significance of passing Ethical Hacker Certification.

CEH course and examination:

Students who have passed class 12 examinations with a strong foundation in the basics of coding are eligible to apply for this course. Undergraduates with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, IT, or even Computer Science can also apply.

Various institutions offer courses in ethical hacking and an in-depth understanding of security infrastructures and domain methodologies. They also provide skills required to protect security controls and teach students the wide-range use of hacking demonstrations.

A few pointers to keep in mind:

1. A CEH course is 8-9 weeks long and can be pursued online.

2. A knowledge-based examination is conducted for 4 hours by the EC council to check the educational standards of individuals trained in professional, ethical hacking.

3. A candidate can take the examination if they have a minimum work experience of 2 years in IT domains.

4. It is advisable to practice the previous year’s question papers and thoroughly revise the syllabus, as the examination requires a minimum pass percentage of 70%.

The Necessity to Pass the Certification:

The CEH examination is an essential element for every individual who aspires to receive an ethical hacker certification. You need to know the numerous benefits of passing the certification. Passing the ethical hacker certification allows a person to gather important information that thoroughly details breach history.

Although the performance level depends on the specific individual, acquiring the certification makes one gain knowledge about the future of Cyber Hacking and realize its shortcomings.

  • 1. The ethical hacker certification comes in handy, especially if there is a requirement of DoD 8570.
  • 2. The other advantage includes achieving top-tier posts in and as Security Analyst, Homeland Security Administration, Security Engineer, etc. Not only does it secure the career of a hacker, but it also acts as a stepping stone to receiving better pay.
  • 3. Once the individual is trained to be insightful in identifying the shortcomings of the hack, they also learn to think like a hacker. As a result, they have a better understanding of the activity performed. Since cybercriminals use new and innovative ideas to step up their game, it is only fair that the ethical hackers roll their socks up. Malicious attackers use improved technology to get away with the theft whilst causing a time investment in damage to the network. Certification provides an authentic solution to the same as a part of the program.
  • 4. Owing to the very reason that the ethical hacker certification gives a more extensive overview of Cyberspace and Security, it is highly valued. It turns an individual into a penetration tester as well. It affirms the capacity of ethical hackers and helps them deal with the many risks of domain breakdown. The domains offered to form a firm foundation by putting forth comprehensive organizational structures. Since it is a versatile certification, it is helpful for IT professionals and network security alike.


  • 1. CEH paves the way to a secure cyber world and makes strong the protection offered by the security vaults.
  • 2. Ethical Hackers act as superheroes who save the domains from crashing down due to pirated hackers.
  • 3. It satisfies DoD requirements and assures the individual an established skillset.
  • 4. Also improves the proficiencies of a security professional.

In conclusion, the advantages of passing the ethical hacker certification are many. Furthermore, it is helpful to IT professionals alike. The task of being an ethical hacker is a moral commitment to look for loopholes in security systems. People around the world use these. This profession enables professionals to come to the aid of ordinary people.

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