Everything You Need to Know About Shopping Swimwear Online

Let’s face it: trying on a bathing suit is a delicate undertaking, and the changing room experience does nothing to help. When you get swimwear online, you may try it on more casually at home and have access to a wide range of alternatives that can better fit your body type, price range, and personal preferences. On the other hand, deciding to buy a swimsuit without first putting it on has its difficulties, like depending on a size chart to discover the ideal fit, taking a chance on an untested cut, and skipping the hand feel. Here is all the insider information you need to confidently buy your next shopping swimwear online.

How to find my size?

Please raise your hands if you have ever experienced sizing issues with shopping for swimwear online. Online shopping can be difficult because brands have no consistent standard for sizing. The sizing chart is your best bet, advises Naomie Caron, the Montreal-based company’s founder and owner of Selfish Swimwear. The breast, the waist, and the hips are frequently provided as three points of reference in this material. Lacking a gentle tape measure on hand? Measure with a piece of string, then compare the results with a ruler or measuring tape.

The reading that feels most at ease on your skin will be the most accurate; you want to be able to breathe properly without the tape pressing against your throat. Stores like Monday Swimwear discount codes have a wide range of swimsuits for every woman. 

Contact the customer care team or the designer directly for extra advice if you’re still unsure. According to Caron, clients will occasionally give her new photos of their body shape and proportions so she can better guide them regarding their size. 

What kind of swimsuit material should you look for?

Most swimwear is constructed from a nylon blend, and the ideal ratio to ensure comfort and lifespan is roughly an 80-20 split. According to Christina Remenyi, the creator of Toronto-based lingerie and swimwear business Fortnight, additional aspects like printing and the fabric’s weight, which isn’t often visible in photographs, could potentially lead to a tighter, more constricted fit.

You should also consider how sheer your swimwear might look after a plunge. Pictures can offer helpful hints; if you’re still unsure, you can always contact customer care agents or the owners of independent brands.

Make sure the fabric is high-quality if you tend to be harsh with your swimwear, advises Remenyi, who employs Italian jerseys in her creations. Pay attention to high-performance material characteristics like UV, pill, or grease resistance while shopping swimwear online. 

What swimsuit top works best for my bust?

Consider your desired outcome first. Use cup inserts with caution if you want to add a little extra oomph up top. Remenyi cautions that improper padding can be seen in a person’s swimming suit. Instead, bralette-style shapes with front seaming may work better for smaller busts because the tiny notches add structure and create the appearance of a fuller cup. To avoid the constricted appearance, use a sports-style top with a broad band beneath the bust, and a tie-back fastening that crisscrosses your back, advises Caron. By relieving strain on the neck and equally dispersing it across the shoulders, these two design features provide the support that puts comfort first.

What characteristics of a swimsuit’s design should I check for?

Before shopping swimwear online, you need to consider the activities you’ll be engaging in while wearing your swimsuit; real functionality should be your priority, advises Remenyi. Tie fastenings might not be the comfortable option while lying on your back if you’re the kind to lie around all day. 

Features that allow for adjustment can also provide a tailored fit. Please pay attention to these details in product descriptions; sometimes it helps to think about your swimsuit-related issues to know what to look for. Consider the characteristics of a swimming suit that you dislike, and work from there, advises Caron. Feel like your bandeau is slipping all the time? Do you worry about bra bulge? Thanks to a flexible tie-back fastening, you may adjust the suit to fit your size.

How can I maintain a swimsuit so that it lasts longer?

Taking excellent care of your swimsuit is essential for its lifetime, especially if you’ve spent a lot of money on a high-end suit. To maximise lifespan, wash out chlorine, sea salt, and sunscreen residue after each wear. However, avoid using hot water from whirlpools and washing machines. According to Remenyi, high temperatures can cause the breakdown of fibres and elastics, which is why your suit is sagging after a thorough bath. She suggests saving your less expensive swimwear for the hot tub, and stores like Remy Sleep discount codes help you with that. When it comes to drying, well-made items may withstand being hung on a line, but it’s wise to let your bathing suits from the department store rest flat to help them keep their shape.

How can I discover a timeless swimsuit?

Keep it basic; you can easily transition from the sea to the land if you do. You can complete the outfit by adding a skirt or a pair of jean shorts.

According to Caron, the high-waisted pants trend is also here to stay. And for a good reason: this cut offers unwavering security and a figure-defining form. Consider choosing a bikini in a colour that you can easily mix and match. With this kind of wearability, you may double or triple your two-piece options, which is wise given that our cooler environment frequently forces us to build a smaller swimwear collection.

Last Words

So that now you know everything you should know about shopping swimwear online, there’s nothing left for you than shopping for them. Choose the right swimwear to make your beach time comfortable and cosy.

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