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Hire best Handyman for the job in 2022 by Bidding for Services In Philippines

Are you new to the city, with zero contacts with a handyman who can fix leaking pipes, build study room furniture for you, and paint the dull-looking walls? It’s okay if you don’t because the Handyman App In Philippines has got your back. This App has some exciting features that make the life of a User on a quest for the right handyman easier than ever. But, before we look at that one unique feature, let’s get an overview of this On-Demand App. 


Unquestionably, the On-Demand Industry is growing. Its massive growth rate has made the smart app market become larger than it used to be. More and more Entrepreneurs are showing a keen interest in developing such Apps. But, why? Well, this app is crammed with lucrative features. The App is Pre-Built, which means you can launch the App within days. It is 100% Customizable, making it just the right kind of solution you need in this competitive market. Above all, getting a Pre-Built App like Uber For Handyman is much more affordable than you ever thought! 

A limitless number of users can Service Providers from near and far can register on the App in the areas it functions. Thus, making your Business expand and make you a Multi-Billion Dollar Company in no time!  


Well, there is an entire assortment of features available on this App. Online Payments, In-App Push Notifications, Real-Time Tracking, Voice Calling, and In-App chatting features are just to name a few. 

Let’s talk about Bid for Services. This feature is exclusive to Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022 In Philippines! 

Users now have the choice to hire a Handyman such as Home Painter, Carpenter, Plumber, etc. by comparing their profiles, prices, and more. And if they want to hire one, well, the users can negotiate with them! 

To let the handymen bid for the job, the user first needs to submit the details by filling the form ‘POST A TASK’. It includes elements such as Task Category, Service Location, Budget, Instructions, and Preferred Date & Time. Once the App User posts it, all the handymen from the selected category, say, Carpenter, are sent the job request. 

Every invited handyman for bidding is displayed on the User App’s Screen. Now, from the invited providers, the interested ones can Accept the Request, Decline it, or ‘MAKE AN OFFER.’ The purpose of this feature is that the Handy Clone Providers can start negotiating with the user because they are willing to do the job, but not at the said budget amount! 

The negotiating process can continue until either of the parties says ‘This is my Last Offer.’ 

The User in Philippines can sort the handyman by comparing their Profiles, Background, Experience, Reviews, Ratings, etc. After picking and sorting, the User will have to confirm the Service by choosing the Payment Mode. 

In other words, the user can confirm a particular provider and hire them for the job by paying for them in Cash, via Credit Card, or In-App Wallet. 


Are you interested in developing an App that offers all this and more? Well, the  On-Demand App Development Company can help you build a Powerful, Feature-Rich, and Customer-Centric Handyman Clone App. 

Gojek App Clone is known for its quick delivery of high-quality products. Thus, you can guarantee to become an Entrepreneur in just 7 – 10 Days!

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