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How to Get More Results Out of Your mineral water distributorship?

Now a day, mineral water is used widely. On the other side, consumers want to get only pure and hygienic mineral water in this sector. There are lots of companies who are focusing their production on Mineral Water. In recent years, the Mineral Water business has become one of the most popular small business ideas.


Mineral water is more than just plain water.


Mineral water is more than just plain water. It contains various minerals and is most often compared to soda water due to its effervescent qualities. Because of its high mineral content, medicinal use of mineral water became popular during the late 18th century. Today, mineral water is still used in some spas to treat specific ailments.

Mineral water contains a high concentration of potassium, calcium, and magnesium. The minerals in mineral water are absorbed into the body and help maintain proper fluid balance, regulate blood pressure, stimulate the immune system, regulate body temperature and promote strong bones and teeth.


Acquiring a mineral water distributorship     


The main obstacle to starting your own company is the large number of things you don’t know that you don’t know. You can avoid this problem by piggybacking on an existing business, for example, by becoming a mineral water distributorship or mineral water dealership for some large company. The advantage of being a distributor is that you don’t need to invent a product, convince anyone that it’s useful, or learn how to manufacture it: all that has been done for you.


The drinking water market is increasing by leaps and bounds as more and more people are drinking packaged mineral water. The demand for this water in hotels, restaurants, offices, and the general public grows annually. The entire mineral water industry is growing at 12% per year. Of this, 40% is in the packaged drinking water segment and 60% in the bottled water segment. The central government has given the green signal to permit 100% FDI in bottling plants and mineral water.

The drinking water industry has been given a tremendous boost due to the acute shortage of good quality tap water. This trend is likely to continue shortly as well. There is a massive gap between packaged drinking water supply and demand. The required supply of packaged drinking water is about 10 lakh liters per day. But only 5 lakh liters are available. This creates an opportunity for interested parties to become entrepreneurs by acquiring a Mineral Water Distributorship.


Distributorship types are different.


There are three types of mineral water distributorship:

  • Exclusive Distributor – exclusive rights to distribute products within a territory.
  • Non-Exclusive Distributor can distribute the same product within their territory as other non-exclusive distributors, but not in the same region as an exclusive distributor.
  • Sole Distributor – can distribute the same product within their territory as other non-exclusive distributors and in the same region as an exclusive distributor. 

 A distributor can change from a Non-Exclusive mineral water dealership to an Exclusive Distributor by paying a set fee (once-off) per distributorship they want to be made Exclusive Distributor on (can only be done if there are no distributors in that specific distributorship). If a distributor has multiple distributorships, they will need to do this individually and pay the fee again for each one they want to make Exclus

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