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How Technology Has Impacted Our Daily Lives?

Technology has completely changed our lives and the 21st century has seen many new technologies. All this has improved safety and efficiency in every sector like healthcare, productivity, and socializing.  The Internet has emerged as a lifesaver for every individual living on the planet in some way. People can communicate easily with each other, no matter where they are living. Communities can easily get in touch with each other, new ideas can be shared and even resources are for all. Technology has changed human life in both the ways good and the bad.  Access use of technology in human life has declined their mental health; there are privacy concerns, and elevated social division. 

Humans are taking technology for granted eBay when it comes to sharing any news. It is our responsibility to use technology with great care or generations can be spoiled and hurt.  We should know how it is impacting our life. Here are a few reasons how technology has impacted human life. 

Privacy is being compromised

Today the majority of humans are spending their time online. According to a survey in 2019 Americans used to spend 6-7 hours online. This figure started to continue all over the world in lockdown. For shopping, there is eBay and Amazon, online gaming for entertainment, Netflix for online streaming, dominos for ordering pizza, Facetime, and Indian Social App to connect with friends? For every daily routine or need, there is technology available. It is easy to guess that in the future this is going to become worst. Well, the addition of technology has also eased our lives and made it more convenient, but is it worth it? 

Hackers also know about tools that we use to save and secure the personal things we have on the internet.  They are trying on their part to beat technology with technology. So, if you wish to use technology without compromising your security you must also know about the tools to save yourself from scams and frauds. 

Accessible shopping

Everyone is going gaga over online shopping and why not from the comfort of your home you can get anything right at your doorstep. But this does not mean that humans are ignoring the charm of street shopping.  Nothing can beat the fun of window shopping and things that you can see with your own eyes, touch, smell, and taste. You cannot eat a pizza online yet until you order and wait for 30 minutes. Technology has not bypassed physical shopping yet. Today we have card payments, Google pay like applications for contactless transactions. We don’t have to worry about carrying cash with us all the time.  Virtual shopping is good and we can get everything we want right from the comfort of our home.  Technology is pretty much what we want and desire to live in the 21st century. 

Information access

Today if you want something or want to find out anything you can use your Smartphone. With just a few clicks here and there you can get everything in front of you right away. There is Google and smart assistance available. In earlier days we had to travel to libraries to gather information. It is due to the technology is so advanced we can have millions of pages dedicated to one topic. Everything is at our fingertips. For example, if you are looking for a recipe Google is going to show you millions of results. 

Today we literally have mobile applications like Indian Social App for everything. For connecting, shopping, healthcare, booking tickets, clothing, singling, dancing and the list is very long. We have GPS trackers to find ways to your destinations, gadgets that can tell you about your heartbeat, what to eat and what to avoid.  Technology has given us everything from learning to dating and from consulting to dining whatever you need technology has a solution. 


Technology has changed our lives in a dramatic way and it has also done good things for us. Technology is now never going to rest. Advancements are taking place in every industry and lab somewhere. It cannot be suspended and now it has become a major need of humanity. We cannot deny technology if we wish to live a great life in 2021. It will continue growing and impacting our lives. 

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