How to Be a Blogger

 How can I start a blog, How to Produce a Blog Site are a veritably applicable question and this post shows the answer and explains step by step process on how to produce a Blog. WordPress is the CMS substantially used for blogging and there are a number of good plugins available free and paid in WordPress to increase the functionality of the blog point. Then I recommend Bluehost web hosting for any blogger because it provides a free SSL continuance for WordPress websites and a good support as well.  

 Then’s some step by step process for Bluehost WordPress blog 

# 1. Hosting and Domain  

 Bluehost could be the stylish hosting provider for WordPress blog at the same time there are a lot of other providers for hosting. I bought a participated hosting plan for 3 times along with one- time free sphere which will be renewed after a time. 

 You can buy a hosting which you feel suitable for you by opting the asked plan, you can make a purchase by signup/ login. The sphere can be bought in Bluehost or from any other provider. Now you can log in to Bluehost with the credentials they transferred to you. 

# 2. Theme 

 There are numerous free WordPress themes available, I’ve been using Ocean WP theme for my WordPress blog. The theme is fully free and you can install all the needed plugins on it. 

 Go to your sphere name/ wp-admin and login fore.g sphere/ wp-admin.

 Once navigated to this area type the name of the theme in the hunt box also install and spark. 

# 3. SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer) 

 SSL enables the secure translated link between the web garçon and the cybersurfer. Bluehost does apply a free SSL for all the point with WordPress. Either you can spark the SSL for your WordPress blog going to the billing login or you can communicate

 Login to Bluehost and Home> My point> Manage Point

 Go to security and Enable SSL.

# 4. Correspondence Configuration and Contact Form 

 After the completion of all the below way, you can produce a webmail for your sphere. Usee.g.If the sphere, The dispatch could 

 Go to Dispatch in Bluehost account> dispatch> Add Dispatch Account. You can add the dispatch you want and give the share also produce an account. 

 Once you created the dispatch go to webmail and log in with the created dispatch address and the word (which is used to login to Bluehost account)

# 5. Plugins

 Then are some of the helpful plugin which I use for my Bluehost WordPress blog. 

 Advanced Comment Confirmation Commentary Validation Plugin 

 Google XML Sitemap for Images This plugin will induce an XML Image Sitemap for your WordPress blog 

 Google XML Sitemap for Vids This plugin will induce an XML Videotape Sitemap for your WordPress blog

 myStickymenu Simple sticky ( fixed on top) menu perpetration for the navigation menu.

 Sassy Social Share Slickest, Simplest, and Optimized Share buttons. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest 

 Smush Reduce image train sizes, ameliorate performance and boost your SEO

 Responsive Posts Carousel Slider Plugin for WordPress 

 Yoast SEO each- by-one SEO result for WordPress, including on- runner content analysis 

 Go to the admin panel of the website mentioned in step 2 also navigate to Plugins> Add new and install the plugins or you can download all those plugins and upload one by one. 

# 6. Blog Development 


 Produce all the runners demanded for the blog runners> add new, give the applicable name for all the runners also go to apprearance> menu you can see all the all the names of the created runners under runners, now produce a new menu and name it also check the boxes of runner names you want and click add to menu also save, this you can see on your WordPress blog. 


 Dashboard> appearance>widget.Just drag the available contrivance and drop it to sliders and footers. 


 Go to appearance> customize, find the footer bottom from the runner and customize. 


 Dashboard> Posts> add new, give the post name and start to write the post and publish, you can manage the carousel which post to appear on the slider of the homepage. 


 Dashboard> Runners> add new, give the runner name and in the title write the content you want on it and publish. This runner you can add in the menu as well. 

# 7. Make Plutocrat From Your Blog 

Bloggers are placing their Google advertisements on their blog to earn plutocrat. Blog income does bloggers make plutocrat online also it’s an unresistant income for that you need to produce a Google AdSense account and submit your website for the blessing. Once your website got approved you can log in to it and produce announcement units and place the law in your blog, within many hours it’ll start appearing in the blog. However, which will be viewable in your announcement sense account, If anyone clicks the announcement placed in your blog you’ll get many cents for it. For more information, visit wire media!

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