Video Viewership by Adding Subtitle

Increase Video Viewership by Adding Subtitle

Video marketing is a great way to increase your brand awareness and generate more revenue for your business. However, if viewers can’t understand what you are trying to convey in the video, it will not be as effective. Subtitles can help improve the success of your marketing video. 

Subtitles are the words that appear on a video to provide an interpretation of what is being said. They can be used for people who do not speak the language or to explain nuances in the dialogue. The use of this tool has grown tremendously over recent years, and with good reason: it makes videos more accessible and increases viewership. This blog post shares 7 tips on how to create captivating subtitles that can make your videos more watchable and ultimately boost viewership!

1. Make sure the subtitles are readable

You want to ensure that the subtitles are readable and clearly visible. The text should be large enough so that it is easily seen. They should be placed rightfully for easier viewing by users without interfering with other aspects like images and graphics. Place the subtitles in a clear location on the screen, typically below the video player.

2. Make sure the subtitles are short and concise

Keep phrases short and concise to avoid confusing the viewer with too much information. Keeping text short can also reduce wordiness and allow users to quickly read through subtitles without taking too long. In that way, they will spend more time watching the video itself rather than reading through everything that appears on the screen. In addition, if you have a lot of text or it will be on screen for a long time, consider breaking up your sentences into shorter phrases so they don’t get lost in translation.

3. Avoid using slang or colloquialisms when writing subtitles

When writing subtitles, go for a simple language that everyone can understand. Avoid using slang or colloquialisms to ensure that your videos appeal to a broad audience and don’t inadvertently alienate viewers who might not be familiar with these terms. This can guarantee that the message you’re trying to send across will be properly understood by all.

Furthermore, if your video is targeted towards a specific audience, make sure that the subtitles are written in language that they would use and understand as this makes it easier for them to connect with what you’re trying to convey.

4. Double-check spelling and punctuation errors

Punctuation and spelling errors can draw attention to the subtitles, which may distract viewers from what is being said. When writing your subtitles, proofread them carefully before putting them into production so that they are free of any mistakes or typos. This will help ensure that you don’t lose viewers who might not understand a subtitle because it has an error in it!

5. Use color coding for different speakers – this helps the viewer follow what is happening in the video

You can include different types of subtitles for each speaker. For example, you can use one color of font for person A and another tone of font for person B so that it is easy distinguishing between who’s saying what. This helps viewers stay engaged in your video because they won’t get confused trying to figure out which speaker is talking at any given time. The audience will not have a hard time following along with two separate conversations when the subtitles are presented that way.

6. Provide captions for any audio that can’t be heard or isn’t clear enough

If the audio is too low to hear or isn’t clear, captions are a great way to give viewers more information about what they’re watching. People nowadays usually watch videos with the sound off so it would be better to have them recognize the background audio without actually hearing it. The impact of the message you’re trying to convey will be better felt by viewers and they’ll surely appreciate the effort that went into writing subtitles for that video.

Video Viewership by Adding Subtitle

7. Provide translations for videos in other languages

It’s important to provide subtitles in multiple languages for viewers with different cultural backgrounds, especially if your content is on a global scale. This way, people who do not understand your native language can still enjoy and benefit from your video. But you have to make sure the translations make sense and use correct grammar so that it does not confuse anyone watching the video. Moreover, make sure to include subtitles in a foreign language if you have any dialogue or scenes where the video isn’t in English. Not only is this good for viewers who don’t speak the language, but it also provides an international appeal for your video.

Video has become a popular form of content for many people. Unfortunately, that popularity means it can be difficult to get more views on your video if you are competing with videos from other companies or influencers in the same niche. To make sure your video is engaging, you should consider adding subtitles to it. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to start implementing this powerful tool into your marketing strategy today! 


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