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Kedarkantha trek and all nearby places



Kedarkantha trek



Kedarkantha tree

 Looking to spend your days in the mountains then it’s an exploration opportunity for you.  

From the Kedarkantha trek, you will surely get some moments to capture this is how local people love spending their life in remote areas. You will come across peace and satisfaction which everyone desires.

About The Destination

The quite interesting fact about the Kedarkantha trek is that from here also the aesthetic mountain range of the Himalayas can be seen. These are Swargarohini peaks – 1, 2, 3 ( 6300 mar ), Black peak ( 6387 mar), Bandar punch peak, and all the mountains can be seen clearly from here such as the ruin pass range, etc. 

All the treks are visible from her Ki Dun Valley and ruin Sara Valley.

Places to explore near Kedarkantha trek

If you are visit Kedarkantha, we suggest you to explore location close to Kedarkantha trek. Add these places to your bucket list and make your journey greater and more memorable.

  1. Oslo village

On your suitable approach towards the her Ki Dun trek which starts at Sanskrit, you will come across a small village, Oslo. Located 25km from Toluca and at an elevation of 25960 above sea level, Oslo is huddled on the mountain sloped and inhabited with the aid of utilizing apple trees. The wood homes of Oslo will snatch your sight and you’ll gain a sense of preference to discover this beautiful hamlet. We recommend you to do so, due to the fact Oslo has numerous stuff to cater to.

  1. Toluca Village 

Placed at a distance of 12 km, Toluca is a small picturesque hamlet. It is located in the her Ki Dun Trek. You can start the her Ki Dun trek.

  1. Athol Village

Placed at a distance of 19km from NetWare, the entry gate to Gavin National Park, Athol Village is located the Mori block of Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. A breathtaking village surrounded with the assistance of Garhwali Himalayas, Athol village will create your heart to prevent a beat.

  1. Saur Tal Trek

The Saur Tal trek is a trek to pure water of the sir Lake located at an elevation of 4200 meter on the inner side of the western Grewal Himalayas. It’s a 10-day easy trek that commences off evolved from Sanskrit being the bottom trek. The Saur Tal is located in such a place wherein the temperature on noontime is normal while the nights are cold. You will start to enjoy the awesome meadows and the incommunicable approach of the Himalayas will blow your desires at the very beginning of this journey.

  1. ruin Sara Tal Trek

While discovering deep into the beautiful valleys of Garhwali, you’ll be astounding with the support of using the airy splendor of ruin Sara Tal tucked at 3,500 meters above sea level. this glacial lake is decorated at the foot of Kelang Peak around 14 Km far from Oslo. The locals residing in this region believe that they may be the descendants of karakas who later constructed temples. Polygamy is practiced right here and is not abnormal inside the region.

6. ruin Pass Trek
The ruin pass trek is among the most euphoric and satisfying treks to start directly for each trekker. It’s a moderate altitude trek at a high of 4560 mar that starts off evolving from Hauula in Uttarakhand and leads to single in Himachal Pradesh.

7. Bali Pass Trek

Inside the kernels of Garhwali, located the Bali Pass has a breathtaking elevation of 5,000 meters. This altitude gives clearer perspectives of the aesthetic Himalayan peaks which include Kala Naga, Bandarpoonch, etc. The Bali pass is full of a thrill having an intention to make your experience nostalgic. The trek starts evolved from snarky hamlet and lasted at Jankichatti. A little trekking experience is important for exploring

8. Mori village

Mori is a beautiful township placed at the bottom of the Tons river in Uttarakhand. It is at a height of 1150 feet above sea level. Mori holds a distinct location inside the hearts of tar

9. Sanskrit

The Sankuru Village in Uttarakhand is a direction to the heaven of Himalayas for every trekker. It’s not always a picturesque hamlet placed in Uttarkashi district, however, it’s a trekker’s pleasure .


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