Luxury Sofa

Luxury Sofa in Pakistan

Luxury Sofa in Pakistan

You can always find a sofa in the center of a living room or any place that is meant for relaxing. It always influences the overall décor of the room, hence choosing a designer sofa set may not seem to be as easy a task as it appears.  A sofa should perfectly integrate into the style of the room, match the colors combination, and fit with the overall atmosphere. We bring you some top 2022 luxury sofa trends to revamp your room. So stay with us, as we are about to reveal the top 2022 sofa set trends for your drawing room.

Colour is the key

The 2022 trends for sofa colors include neutral colors that are close to nature and you may even opt for bold shades. So before you decide to book the 5 seater sofa set price in Pakistan, consider these color options below:

  • Gray: this color is perfect that will set in both warm and cool undertones,
  • Beige: neutral shades are always a winner be it anything as they complement any contrasting color and add warmth
  • White: classic color such as this one can never go out of fashion, additionally, a white-colored luxury sofas set is perfect for formal sitting
  • Soothing blue: this shade always adds softness to the atmosphere of the room.

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  • Soothing green: for all nature lovers, this shade is perfect to be add to the room to balance out the neutral background
  • Emerald green: this will offer a royal look to your room, and always gives a vibe of luxury sofa design
  • Mustard: this most sought after shade adds warmth and energy to whichever room you place it in

Minimalist approach

Minimalism has been popular for quite some time now. It is one of the top sofa set trends of 2022 as it incorporates simplicity and modernism at the same time. We have listed down a few minimalistic sofa designs for you to buy from the following stores:

The “Serena three-seater” is a designer sofa set by Urban Galleria, which has a minimal design in beige color that will add warmth to your room right away. This sofa set is currently available at a discounted price of Rs. 90,000 only which is better than paying a very high sofa set price in Pakistan for a similar design. For a contemporary look, this sofa has stylishly has got smart wooden legs along with a sleek curvature on the edges of the upholstery.

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On the other hand, Meeshan Luxe Home has a stylish and luxurious-looking “Defne sofa set” which is a sectional sofa in beige shade. This will be set in the corner of your lounge or dining room for a formal setting.

Eco-friendly with style

Eco-friendly furniture options have recently caused a rave in the market due to their sustainability factor. There are two main approaches when you decide to buy a sofa; it uses natural materials, and secondly avoids the use of materials that can subsequently affect the environment negatively.

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So if you’re looking to buy such a sofa, then you must lookout for a wooden sofa, or materials like leather or nature-inspired colors will do the trick. You may want to check out Urban Galleria’s “Casey three-seater” sofa design that has an industrial-chic vibe to it. Other than this, the sofa stands on a sleek metal frame and legs to give it a sleek look. You can select from the two-color choices; outback tan or truffle brown. The sofa price in Pakistan for a two-seater of this style is available in under just Rs. 90,000 which is a catch.

The stunning effect with vintage sofa style

2022 is all about bringing back the old vintage style with a modern twist. So a sofa set with such a design will bring back the old values and also serves as a point of interest. However, vintage sofa designs are tricky and cannot be placed in just about any setting as they need to complement other elements present in the room. Hence such sofa styles are always better to be placed in conservative settings such as offices.

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The 3 seater “Hamilton Sofa” by Meeshan is a classic choice that you want to install in your room for a modern look. It’s available in two rocking shades; emerald green and purple. You can add a contrasting colored throw and striped cushions for a pop of color. However as mentioned earlier, a vintage sofa is quite tricky to style in a room.

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Another style you may want to try out for your drawing or lounge from the same store by purchasing the 3 seaters “Venice modern luxury sofa set” which will draw everyone’s attention quickly. This brand has quite a collection of vintage sofa sets such as Gusto Sofa, Tempa Gold Modern luxury sofa, Florence modern luxury sofa, and for a sectional sofa with this effect the ‘Maya corner sofa” is a perfect choice.

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