I expect you to suggest MAGA-in-English, to “Make America Great Again.” If you use the Dutch acronym for Met Asociale Gedrag Altijd.Then I’d have written a unique answer.  I would possibly have discovered it difficult to restrict myself to simply five. Donald Trump’s grandfather Friedrich Trumpf or Drumpf got here over from a place in what’s now the USA of Germany. He emigrated to americaA to keep away from army service. (I wager that “bone spurs” are now no longer an alternative in vintage Bavaria.)  Anglicised the call to Trump for the duration of WWI to sound much less German.

He ran a eating place saloon that became additionally a whorehouse withinside the Red Light District of Seattle. He then took advantage of a corrupt US Land Office . l said a declaration to land in a place where gold had been discovered, despite the fact that a person else already had a declaration to the land. Friedrich Trump pretended he desired to mine that land — so he didn’t ought to pay for it.

It became unlawful for him to construct a mining declaration, however he did anyway: any other whorehouse, as in Seattle. When the actual proprietor of the land attempted to say his claims, he became ignored. Immigrant Friedrich Trump, who finally has become a US citizen, hence hooked up the proud Trump own circle of relatives traditions on this usa of sleaze, exploitation of ladies, shady enterprise deals, theft, and degrading our society with the aid of taking part in authorities corruption.

 Donald Trump view

Perhaps whilst Donald Trump talks about mega immigrants as criminals he’s being greater reflective and autobiographical than human beings realise?Friedrich Trump went directly to run a eating place/hotel/whorehouse for miners withinside the Yukon up in Canada, and he introduced playing to the mix. He cashed in and were given out whilst the Canadian authorities become approximately to crack down on prostitution and playing.

He sold houses in Queens and died in 1918. His son Fred carried on with the actual property and the corruption, including KKK interest and blatant, unlawful, racist discrimination towards African-Americans in housing to the mix. He taught the ones racist, corrupt housing practices to his very own son, Donald J. Trump, who enthusiastically engaged in them, proper out of college..

Why did Trump lie about the USA his father’s own circle of relatives is from?

Was it simply due to the fact he’s a compulsive liar — that’s his cross-to, his wheelhouse? Did his father make him lie about it? Did the Trumps sincerely think, in 1987, that anti-German feeling withinside the US become nonetheless that strong? Was his father as soon as a part of the German-American Bund in addition to the Klan, and consequently keen to distance himself from his German roots? We can best speculate.

But in any case, given US authorities investigations of Fred C. Trump for profiteering from public contracts withinside the 1950s, mendacity approximately constructing fees to the song of hundreds of thousands of dollars.Mega  and given how the Nixon administration (now no longer typically enthusiastic champions of de-segregated housing) needed to carry Fred C.


What does “MAGA” suggest?

In truth it way make America white and deliver all of the strength to guys again in mega It’s a image of trying to go back to a time whilst minorities and ladies knew their region and stayed thereI’d like to mention yes…..however as a Black American, the beyond or “precise ol’ days’ weren’t that great. There is an America that I would really like to inhabit, however my father refers to it as my “Federation Dream”, due to the fact seemingly .

The peace and cohesion that we see in Star Trek isn’t viable in my time. COVID ought to have in all likelihood been the only element that we tought to have bonded over to defeat and make us of .1 mind however we recognise how that went.I aid the concept of MAGA.

I said that we, ALL Americans thought to have a society wherein we’re all identical. But the MAGA I envision is for everyone. Not simply the wealthy and elite or non-melanin wealthy mega. I tought to in no way aid a super that could as an alternative see me on my knees . Subjugation than status subsequent to them as equals.I don’t aid MAGA. While the concept of it sounds great, the reality is it’s now no longer. Much of the U.S.’s records have been constructed on racism.

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