Natural Stone Walls Caps: What to Know?


Your space is special to you, right? You want that your home or any place you are constructing or renovating should look great and feel absolutely [phenomenal. You did finish transforming your humdrum outdoor retaining walls with some sort of stunning stone veneers as well as stone cladding, but you just stood back and looked at your masterpiece and it just looked uncompleted. What if you add up natural stone wall caps? Yes, stone capping could be a great idea for your space no matter what the place is. 

In simple words, stone capping is exactly where a huge flat stone gets used to being placed atop any freestanding wall, giving it a full look. Once you are installing stone capping, even the natural options, the basic rule of thumb (for constancy purposes) is to make use of the same stone for the capping as you make use of for the cladding. And if you really wish to give your retaining wall that designer kind of appeal, it is wise if you choose the capping that is somewhat thick in height and one that perfect overhangs on each side of the wall: such a thing gets your wall a majestic appeal.

It depends on preference too!

Depending on overall personal preference, you can even install stone capping that simply contrasts the wall cladding. In case you somewhat prefer this style, it would be nice doing your research prior to beginning your wall cladding project and choosing the contrasting stone colors and even textures before you start to install the wall.

Here you can have a quick peep into the four diverse types of profile edges that stone capping can be easily available for you:

  • Rock Faced

This is the type of finish is that rustic in nature and gets created with a split or chiseled face that forms up a rough and natural-looking edge that recalls its natural aesthetic even if it chips. Most of the time this type of capping is used on sandstone.

  • Split-Faced Stone

This is the type of stone capping that has a face where the stone has been simply broken to an approximate size. It looks absolutely rustic as well as natural and gives an edgy type of feel to the wall.

  • chiseled Edge

This is the rustic, aged appearance on stone capping that is produced by mechanically chipping at the stone’s edge to simply give it that edgy look. This is an ideal type of stone capping option for feature walls that simply blend well with nature. 

  • Square type of Pencil Edge

These types of stone capping finishes have a smooth and even clean aesthetic that looks brilliant on more modern and contemporary-styled feature walls. With their smooth type of edges, these wall capping stones look absolutely best installed flush against the wall cladding. This capping has somewhat edges that are sawn, with the slightly rounded type of corners to diminish the sharpness. 

Bullnose type of Edge Capping

Then the bullnose edge has a somewhat half-circle look and adds another degree of elegance to your wall. In case you want your capping to simply overhang the wall, the Bullnose edge looks excellent!

Column Cap in brief 

Are you about to build or even revamp your overall dreamland? Well, the outdoor zone is the actual image reflector. You should definitely pay due consideration to its décor. Several elements help in enriching the overall outdoor surroundings. Columns are definitely one among them. You could have heard or read in the books about the elegance and royalty of the Mughals. Antique pillars as well as columns were the most critical element of their royal empire. Nothing has really changed since then. Most folks prefer to opt for column construction to simply provide a pleasant outdoor accent. The decision related to the right material is the only thing that you should put stress on. There are manifold materials available in the market. But the stone that is quite affordable yet attractive is only worthwhile. Remember that natural stone is definitely one solution for constructing buildings.

Know about the stone column cap 

A combination or a blend of two words, i.e., Column and Cap. Where the column simply refers to the standing vertical structure and the overall cap is all about the top covering material. So, together column cap is something that refers to a piece of quarried stone that is cut in squares to simply place on the top of the pillar. It is something available with all four sides type of rock face. Here, you should understand that rock face simply means to the snapped or even chiseled edges. Well, are you a homeowner who wishes to have a luxurious outdoor living zone or area? Or anyone who wants a lavish type of touch-up? Whatever the instance may be, capping stone goes well with the best. Column covers formed up of natural stone not just boost the visual appeal but even offer lifelong durability.

Things to consider 

When it comes to the overall outdoor construction, preference or decision of capping stone plays a critical role. Here, it works as a maker or even breaker element. Here are some points that can help you make a choice:

Consider the size 

When making this decision, you must consider the size of the masonry pillar and even the headgear stone going to place on it. The stone must neither be extremely large nor too small. Right-sized post caps appear aesthetically pleasing and go relative with outdoor oases.   

Contrasting shades :

Natural stones can be found in a wide array of color options. You can easily get hues from dark to light, adding manifold color to the range. The choice of bold shades makes the décor stand out. Whereas, charm hues simply offer a prominent touch. Selecting multi-shades and even stones having veins and swirls on the surface mix up quickly with the surroundings and make a subtle type of statement.


To sum up, you can check out the outdoor stone wall cap or other options keeping in mind all the things discussed in this post.

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