Wavlink AP Repeater

Overview on the Wavlink AP Repeater for the Quick WiFi Setup

The Wavlink AP Repeater offers high range dual-band performance and mostly it is suitably used for outdoor locations. As it helps to improve the wifi signal strength and expands the wifi connection throughout the house. So that you can enjoy the fast and stable wifi signal. Well, you can use the Wavlink wifi repeater in the big libraries, streets, communities, malls, and hotels as well. Besides, you get an easy and simple configuration that provides power over ethernet (PoE) support so that you can install the wifi booster in that area where you receive less amount of signal. 

Moreover, the Wavlink also allows you to combine the network connection for the ap.setup wavlink login. Simply you can use a single RJ45 cable to install the wifi boosters into hard-to-access areas and run the cable connection without getting worried about the power cables or wifi signal. However, the new wireless repeater uses the new generation wifi technology. Also, the dual-band external antennas deliver high Mbps of speed to fix the weak signal of the extender connection. 

Incredible Quick WiFi Setup ways for the Wavlink AP Repeater 

The Wavlink AP Repeater compiles with 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac standards and offers dual-band wifi speed. It offers 150 Mbps of speed with 2.4 GHz or 433 Mbps of speed with 5 GHz of speed. Moreover, you will receive an RJ45 cable which is weatherproof as well with the combination of the PoE. With the help of its antennas, you get high range performance that will only depend on the performance of the antenna. Moreover, you can operate three powerful modes with the use of the Wavlink repeater such as router mode, repeater mode, or the AP mode. Besides, it offers you two easy options or methods for the setup of the Wavlink wifi repeater.

Alternative 1: Quick wifi extension setup to the LAN connection

In the first alternative, you have to complete the installation of the device. You need to connect the main body holder of the extender and then plug it into the power outlet. After that connect one end of the ethernet cable to the PoE converter. Thereon, connect another end of the cable to the LAN converter port. Also connect to the LAN port of the router as well. Now simply plug the device into the main power connector and then plug it into the electrical socket to get into the electrical touch. However, simply hold the on or off switch to power on the PoE converter, and then it is ready to connect to the wireless device. 

If you are a windows user then firstly unplug the ethernet cable for your PC and then click on the wireless network on the taskbar menu. Now simply click on the refresh icon to connect to the wifi connection named WAVLINK-AC.

If you are a MAC device user then simply unplug the ethernet cable from the computer device and then click on the wifi icon from the top right corner to connect to the device network. If you want to change the login password of the device then open the web browser and type re.rockspace.local and enter to access the login page. Now the login windows pop up on your windows screen just click on the setup and then log in to create the password. Now just enter the password and save the applied settings.

Alternative 2: Quick wifi extension setup to the WiFi connection

In order to connect the Wavlink extender to the wifi connection. First of all, install it into the large and open places of your house such as big yards, and then connect to the devices. After that select the wifi network name and enter the default password. Now you have two options either to keep the same SSID name. Also, create a new name for the extended wifi network connection. After finalizing between these two options, verify the wireless settings and then click on the connect button. 

Finally, you need to relocate the position of the Wavlink extender. First and foremost, plug the device into the power outlet. Also place it in between the dead zone area and the dual-band router. Make sure the place you have chosen for the device should be within the range of both the wireless devices. After that, wait for the LED signal to turn on. In case, the signal connection is weak then immediately change the position of the router and the extender. Read more.

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