Players Who Have Scored 500 Plus Goals | Sports | Soccer

Players Who Have Scored 500 Plus Goals | Sports | Soccer

There are a number of football players in the world, who have Scored 500 Plus Goals | Sports | Soccer. These players have also been proven hard knuckles for the opponent teams. The list also includes none other than the greatest footballer of all time. Yes! You guessed it right! The Cristiano Ronaldo. There are many more veteran players who are on the list. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

The player has 32 trophies in his name, including five UEFA champions league. The player was at one point of time, the most expensive player. Tough times make a warrior tough and strong. The same goes for this player; time made the player among 100 most influential people in the world in 2014.

Number of Goals: 815

Lionel Messi

This player needs no introduction; he is considered to be the equivalent player with Ronaldo. Lionel Messi led his national team and made a huge remark with flying colors. He is also holding the record of country’s all time highest goalscorer. At one point of time, this forward player was the most expensive player. The player has a very huge fan base across the world. 

Number of Goals: 774


This player has been voted for world player of the century and also FIFA player of the century. Pele made his debut at the age of 16 and made the world amaze. The players’ dribbling skills are discussed with so much enthusiasm among the youngsters and soccer enthusiasts. He also became the top scorer in his debut. 

Number of Goals: 762

Frenc Puskas

Puskas belonged to the country of Hungary and at one point of time, was among the best 50 players of Hungary. The player had played some of his best matches as a forward and attacking midfielder. Pele listed him in his list of FIFA 100. The player was famous for changing his positions on the ground in seconds. 

Number of Goals: 729

Jimmy Jones

He is a player with a record of the leading goal scorer of Irish league football. The player was among the most popular players in North Ireland. He had a capability of holding the ball according to his wish. Opponents were fearful of his moves and tactics due to his consistency. 

Number of Goals: 647

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The player is famous for his aggressive nature and is also very famous among the young generation. This player has a lot of moves to attack, which has become his style statement. UEFA ranked him among the best players even after not winning a single UEFA championship. 

Number of Goals: 560

Roberto Dinamite

The player had a wonderful career of 20 years as a center forward and carried his way ahead with a successful career. Brazilians feel proud of the player, as he had set a totally different remark. Being a reserved player in FIFA 1978, the player scored 3 goals. 

Number of Goals: 511

Hugo Sanchez

The player used to do acrobatics after scoring goals. He holds the record of 4th highest goal scorer in the history of La Liga. This soccer player is considered as the most efficient finisher scoring goals with slightly few touches. The retirement of the player was magnificent as he received the most welcoming gesture from the people. 

Number of Goals: 507

Imre Schlosser

The Hungarian footballer skillfully tackled the challenges for his national team. He still holds the record of scoring the highest number of goals in the Hungarian National Championship. In the summer Olympics, he scored 5 hat tricks against big teams like France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Russia. 

Number of Goals: 504

Franz Binder

Last but not the least, Binder had set a number of landmarks.  He came from a family of laborers; the player had a very good beginning with scoring marvelous hat tricks. He had an Austrian origin but the player also represented the German national team. After the retirement, the player headed as a coach for many big teams. 

Number of Goals: 502

More Than The Numbers Of Goals Scored

These players are just few to name according to the figures that  they have achieved in their career. Many players, who can not be given such titles have achieved a lot in their life in terms of teamwork. 


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