Red Rugs to Make Your Home Look Stylish

What are your favorite colors? Is red one of them? If you love the color red, then it’s time to incorporate some into your home decor. The red color rug is a beautiful way to make your home look stylish. The rug’s color will bring out the colors in your furniture and artwork, which can be very important when decorating. But beware, too much red can be too much! For those who are scared about using too much red in their home decor, don’t worry! We have compiled a few amazing tips for incorporating red hues of rugs in your space without going overboard on the color.

Place it near the Fireplace.

Accentuate your fireplace with a bold color rug. The best red rugs in front of the fireplace will bring out the colors on any mantelpiece you have above it, or if there is no mantle, then grab some pictures and hang them up! The red color will enhance the existing color of your fireplace, which will provide a warm, inviting feel to any room. You can also go for a more neutral color and then layer a red accent rug on top of it to tie the two together.

Don’t overdo it!

The best way to avoid looking like you are trying too hard with red is not using too much in one place. Mix up smaller rugs with other colors and patterns, so there isn’t a prominent presence of just red in the room. While choosing red shades, you always have to be more careful. A slight variation can make your room look more pleasing. If you are using red rugs for your home, you can choose a color that complements or enhances the existing color. Don’t worry if it’s not always possible to match shades perfectly with other elements in the room. A little difference will make things more exciting and lively!

Consider the Drapes

If you are good with DIY, consider making some red-colored curtains for your living or dining room. Or otherwise, go shopping and find something that will complement your decorating scheme in these rooms! However, do not hang them right next to each other unless they match precisely. Otherwise, you will end up with a terrible design! If you are thinking of having red rugs in your home decor to make it look stylish and not too bright at all times, then there is no denying that this can be hard for most people. If your room contains white or any other light shades, then consider using rugs in dark colors. It will help to create a balance without making the room look too dull!

Pops of Red in the Bedroom

As we all want our bedroom to be a relaxing spot. Using too red may result in a tiring and stressful environment. So, if you want to introduce red shade rugs in the bedroom and still look stylish and not too flashy or vibrant, consider using a darker rug color such as purple-red! It will help create an elegant atmosphere without looking like there is no design at all. Also, keep all the other colors in the bedroom neutral or white. Another way to create a balanced look is using rugs with red color on furniture such as headboards, nightstands, and cabinets, which will make them stand out! If you prefer staying away from this trick, then keep your bedding simple (in light shades) but add little pops of red such as pillows, bedspread, or blankets.

Pops of Red in the Living Room

Alternatively, if you want to add a rug in the living room together with other design elements and furniture pieces that make up your space! For instance, if you happen to have dark brown leather couches which appear too ordinary for home designers’ eyes (even though they look great for ordinary people like you and me), then adding a red color rug below them will take your space to the next level. You can also add other design elements such as plants, flowers, art pieces, and clocks to the area.


Perfect for the Neutrals

Red is the color that works best for all neutrals, making it perfect to use as an accent piece in your home. For instance, if you have the traditional white walls and ceiling with tan-colored flooring or carpeting, then using red rugs can give life to these colors without making them look too garish! They bring out the best of neutrals, which makes them perfect for homes. You can also pair it up with other colors that go well with red to create a harmonious design. It would also make it easy to find the perfect rug for your home.

Red in the Dining Room

The dining room is the area more prone to spots and dirt. A dark color in the dining room, especially red color rugs, are the perfect option. A large-sized rug in the red shade is the best option for the center of your dining room. It would help to create a well-balanced design in the area. It gives your family room a touch of royalty. The red color rugs also help to create a focal point. It is the best option to have a red dining room rug. However, it is not the only color you can use to revamp your dining area with rugs. You can also use different shades of blue or cream in your design.

Rugs on Wooden Flooring

Another trick that works would be to use rugs on wooden flooring. For example, the red rug would look good over a light-colored hardwood or wooden parquet, and so would creme and blue colors. It is best to avoid using red color rugs over dark wood flooring. You can also use red color rugs over dark tiles. Among the most popular colors, red is a very passionate and royal one. It incites people to make bolder choices in decorating their home with something different from traditional styles or schemes usually associated with this hue. Red can be used as an accent on some pieces of furniture, such as a low table or a large bookcase. If you want to use red rugs in your home, keep the rest of the decor pieces neutral and do not mix more than two contrasting colors that can make things look too busy.

Red Rugs Near Entryway

The entryway is where visitors first see when they enter your home, and they will most likely notice the rugs first. You can place a red rug here to make an immediate impression, and it makes your entryway look more welcoming too. The red color is very inviting, so this idea works best for homes that want visitors to feel right at home when entering through the door.

On a Final Note

Red rugs are a great way to make your home look stylish and sophisticated. These rugs are the perfect accent to make your home look stylish. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your space, consider adding one of these red beauties into the mix! You can find them at RugKnots, or any other retail store with high-quality selections of carpets. We hope you enjoy this blog post about red rugs!

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