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   Sep Tech can pump and locate septic tanks as well as provide repair services to your existing septic tank.


Septic systems will work well for many years, and process thousands of gallons of effluent, however, they even have many key points that may cause issues if not well cared for. Whether or not you are a first-time septic owner or you have been living along with your septic service fort collins for years and need to create certain it keeps operating for years within the future, knowing however it works and what issues it’s prone to will assist you to be a much better septic system owner.

Knowing a way to take care of your system and defend it from things that might hurt it will prevent loads of cash. Look at these four vulnerabilities that may cause issues for a tank if you are not careful.

  1. Overwhelmed system

If you’ve lived in homes with sewer service most of your life, you’ll not be wont to ponder the sheer volume of effluent that you just use in a very given day. The sewer does not have a quota that you just cannot exceed. Your septic system, though, features a specific size and capability, Associate in nursing golf shot an extra-high volume of waste into the system might cause issues.

If you recognize your septic system size and it’s massive enough for the number of individuals in your social unit, then you will not have to be compelled to worry about overwhelming it most of the time. As long as you are taking basic precautions like entertaining storm water removed from the system, you will only have to be compelled to suppose it if you’ve got loads of holidaymakers staying long or if there is been a significant downfall recently (which will cut back the leach field’s ability to empty away water). 

  1. Chemicals

 Bleach and different social unit cleaners will extremely hurt your septic system. That is a result of your septic system’s treatment techniques utilizing bacteria to interrupt things. sadly, bleach does not simply kill “bad” bacteria that tries to make you sick, it kills any bacteria it finds indiscriminately. thus do not use your septic system to eliminate additional cleaners, and do not use bleach on your bowl too often.

  1. Blockage

Blockages will injure drain lines or the leach field pipes alike. whether or not they are from an excessive amount of grease within the pipes (hint: do not place grease down the drain) or from tree roots filling the pipes, these blockages will cause cracking, leaky, and even detonating, moreover as keep the effluent from creating progress through the system.

You can additionally get blockages if your system hasn’t been pumped-up for a protracted time and therefore the solids within the tank have been designed up to the purpose wherever they are stepping into the leach field pipes, which are not designed to traumatize solids.

 If you think of a blockage, you should not simply dump drain cleaner down the drain — particularly since, as mentioned higher than, chemicals will be dangerous for the system. Instead, contemplate the line in a very skilled way. 

  1. Compression

Compression of the soil within the drain field otherwise referred to as the leach field, will be an enormous downside. That is as a result the soil must be fairly loose so water will percolate through it. To respect this, simply watch out to not place any buildings, concrete slabs, vehicles, or different massive things within the leach field space.

On a connected note, you must additionally avoid covering the bottom by any means with something non-porous therein space, like a garage or a canvas, as a result of some leach fields additionally use evaporation as a part of the method.

Three of those four vulnerabilities are units comparatively specific to septic systems. However as luck would have it, if you defend your septic system from blockage, compression, overuse, and chemicals, it’s doubtless to last for many years. Decision Emergency Septic Pumping these days or contact them online to find out how they will assist you to take care of your septic system.


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