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Storing Shatter You Receive through Weed Delivery, Brantford

Cannabis users can buy weed flowers, edibles, and concentrates based on their preferences and consumption methods. Cannabis concentrates have gained popularity lately, with many smokers consuming them to get the perfect THC high. Dabbing is a popular method among stoners to smoke weed concentrates, such as shatter. An ounce of shatter is what many weed consumers prefer smoking. Moreover, stoners need to store shatter safely they receive through weed delivery in Brantford for future consumption. We shall discuss the way to store shatter you may buy through a weed dispensary in this post. Before we do, let us tell you what shatter is.

What Is Shatter?

Shatter is a cannabis concentrate that weed producers derive from cannabis extract and via butane extraction. Weed users can inhale shatter via dabbing. Additionally, shatter has a unique appearance with a brittle and glass-like texture. You can purchase it in amber or semi-transparent colour. We have already mentioned weed users enjoy consuming cannabis concentrates owing to their potent THC high. By the same token, shatter is a popular cannabis product for dabbing and getting a very pure THC high.

Storing Shatter

Cannabis users can consume shatter more than once owing to its more marijuana content. Thus, they need to store shatter safely to use it time and time again in the future. Weed consumers who only consume shatter don’t prefer wasting their shatter. Additionally, storing shatter involves consideration of the period weed users are going to use it for how long. 

Weed users can store shatter using parchment paper and use it for the short term. You may disseminate the shatter on the paper and cut it enough to fold your parchment paper easily. It will also aid you in covering your weed concentrate entirely. Ensure there aren’t any gaps around the edges to prevent shatter from the outside elements. Ponder placing your shatter bundle in a child-resistant bag for extra protection if you store shatter for a short term.

If you want to store shatter for a few weeks for medium-term storage, follow some additional steps. Still, you will need parchment paper for wrapping up and storing shatter. Ensure placing your parchment bundle in a sealed container such as a bag or a jar. Store your packaged shatter you receive via weed delivery, Brantford, in a cool and dry place. If you live in a warm climate, keep your concentrate in a refrigerator to protect it.

Consider freezing the concentrate if you are storing your shatter for the long term or an extended period. Yet, you will need parchment paper to wrap your shatter. Place shatter in a vacuum-sealed glass jar. It will prevent your shatter from humidity from finding its way inside the container and destroy your shatter. 

Several Tips for Storing Weed Concentrates, Such as Shatter

  1. Purchase high-quality storage materials than using an empty spaghetti jar. Please, remember that an un-sterilized container can introduce contaminants to your product.
  2. Keep your shatter away from children, so utilize a child-proof storage container available. 
  3. Opt for opaque containers to prevent your shatter from light. It’s the easiest way to have an added layer of protection for your concentrate. 

Avoid the Following Mistakes for Storing Shatter

  1. Using the wrong jar. Shatter can adhere to the side of glass jars and make it difficult for you to get it out for use.
  2. Leaving shatter in a place where it gets exposed to light. Light exposure can degrade the shatter’s quality, accelerate THC degradation, and leave you with a  less-potent product.
  3. Opening your shatter immediately after freezing it. If you store shatter in a freezer for a long-term shortage, thaw it before breaking the seal entirely. Stay patient to let your shatter to get room temperature and maintain its quality. 


Cannabis users can buy weed flowers, edibles, and concentrates based on their preferences and consumption methods. Plus, stoners need to store shatters safely they receive through weed delivery in Brantford for future consumption. Stoners enjoy smoking shatter owing to its potent and pure THC high over marijuana flowers. Stoners deploy different strategies for storing shatter for the short-term, medium-term, or long-term, and you should adopt the same. Lastly, they must avoid several mistakes to store shatter to consume it in the future without affecting its quality. 

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