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Overview –

A mountain range is not all that the Himalayas are. They are an icon. The fact that they are home to several of the tallest mountains in the world has attracted adventurers from all over the world who are ready to pit their skills against the power of these show-covered sentinels. It’s not an easy endeavor, as anyone who has done it will testify, but overcoming the difficulties will give you a sense of pride you’ve never had before. Choose one of our top-rated summer Himalayan treks.

The Himalayas provide a variety of trekking routes, some suitable for novices and amateurs and others deserving of seasoned professionals. Snow and ice are constantly present, even if only in parts, and the terrain is immensely diverse. Green meadows with horses grazing may be seen as the trails continue.

Trekking sites

The Himalayas provide a variety of trekking routes, some suitable for novices and amateurs and others deserving of seasoned professionals. Snow and ice are constantly present, even if only in parts, and the terrain is immensely diverse. The routes can take you through lush meadows where horses are grazing, arid landscapes that are breathtakingly bleak, and snowy areas that test your ability to hike.

In Himachal Pradesh, which is well recognized for its pure natural landscape, are several of the paths. Nepal, Jammu & Kashmir, and Uttarakhand are home to further locations. Each is special and offers a distinctive experience.

If we talk about the best summer treks in India then following are considered the best for your enjoyment 

Trek to Kedarkantha-


Kedarkantha is a high peak located within Wildlife Sanctuary whose hiking trail attracts travelers seeking excitement. One of the best Himalayan summer treks is the base camp hike because it provides panoramic views of the Himalayan range. The walk is regarded as simple to moderate even though it is at a height of 12,500 feet, providing beginners and amateurs with a fantastic opportunity to perfect their trekking skills. Although prior expertise is not necessary, staying in shape can help you avoid getting tired midway through the course.

Sanskrit is the starting point of the 6-day trip to Shepherd Camp. Jude-kea-lake Talib’s pond provides a wealth of photo options. Once you’ve had your fill of the vistas, you’ll begin the difficult ascent to Kedarkantha Base Camp.

Everest base camp trek


Adventurers who wanted to climb the highest mountain in the world frequently attempted the trek to Everest base camp. Today, despite not having the mountain’s peak on the agenda, hikers still make the route. Your ability to trek will be put to the ultimate test by the difficult terrain. Before embarking on this hike, you should have previous high-altitude hiking experience.

This journey is one of the most difficult for many hikers since it takes 14 days of battling the notorious Himalayan climate while contending with extremely low temperatures and high elevations. But there is no comparison to the sense of achievement you get when you reach base camp. The trail starts in Lukla and continues to padding, niche, Tengboche, and Tengboche.

Regarding Kudremukh Trek Chikmagalur:

This Kudremukh trekking, which is situated 96 miles from the Chikmagalur district, will allow you to discover the forests, which cover 600 sq. km of land. Witness the limitless natural views that beautify Kudremukh by hiking to an elevation of 6,207 feet above sea level. This exciting Kudremukh hike starts with an overnight trip from Bangalore.

About the Activity:

Take advantage of this exciting trekking opportunity to Kudremukh and replenish yourself with the breathtaking views from the mountain.

The Kudremukh trek package comes in two variations: Without transportation and With transportation (from Bangalore).

Take advantage of the convenient and pleasant transit from and to Bangalore.

Grab delicious dishes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Day 1.

Visit the tiny village of Kudremukh, which is 335 kilometers from Bangalore in Karnataka and 96 kilometers from the Chikmagalur district.

With comforts like mattresses and sleeping bags, accommodations will be given in camps on a two-thirds sharing basis.

As you make your way to the top of the horse-faced peak, explore the rocky slopes, little streams, and breathtaking peaks.

Make use of a helpful guide who will help you have the ideal trekking experience throughout the trip.

How do I get there?

In 20 minutes, a taxi or cab may take you from Bangalore’s city center to Indira agar near the KFC signal, which is 5.8 kilometers away.

5.8 kilometers and 18 minutes separate dolor from the New shanti sager Hotel.

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