Leh Ladakh Bike Tour: Things to Remember

Bike Tour: Things to Remember


The Leh-Ladakh bike tour is the best destination for adventure seekers looking for a modern experience. Walking in the “Land of High Passes” and enjoying the incredible splendor of the area is an experience that cannot be described in words. Apart from that, planning a cycling trip in Ladakh is a difficult task. This requires intense mental and physical preparation. Check out the article below for everything you need to know before booking a Leh Ladakh bike tour.

Plan a bike tour in Leh-Ladakh 


It is a well-known fact that you only have a short window to do a bike tour in Leh; the Leh route only receives tourists for about 6 months of the year on both routes. Start between May and June’s first week and ends between October and November. Therefore, the months of June to September should be considered good. However, due to the monsoon season in July and August, the passes can be difficult to navigate (e.g., Zola Pass on the Srinagar-Leh road, routing Pass on the Manalo-Leh road). So generally, June and September are the best months to go, but you might enjoy it more during the monsoons. 

Purchase a bicycle

The second most important thing to remember is that you will be riding India’s most spectacular roads on this Leh-Ladakh cycling tour. Choose a bike that will not compromise your safety and is suitable for Leh-Ladakh roads. Here are some of the best bikes for your trip to Leh, Ladakh. 

The Royal Enfield (350cc and above) 

Royal Enfield Himalayan (without condign Tires) KTM Duke CBR 250

Motor Bike  gear and accessories 

Next to choosing the right bike, it’s time to choose the essentials of the bike and the parts you will need in case it breaks down. These parts are as follows. bicycle keys 

  • A spare tire was added by the chain lock.
  • The cord is secure 
  • Aftermarket The clutch throttle cable Chain Lube 
  • Another type of engine oil
  • Additional lighting 
  • Tire pressure 
  • Carrying these items shows that you are well prepared. In addition to them, you will also need some safety equipment, such as: 
  • A helmet 
  • Knee and elbow pads 
  • waterproof clothing 
  • Beautiful shoes 
  • Riding clothes 
  • Sunglasses 

In addition to the clothing and equipment mentioned above, make sure your bike is properly serviced before the trip. 

Prepare for altitude sickness (AMS) by acclimating.

Because Leh Ladakh is located at such a high altitude, acclimatization is one of the most important things every cyclist should do before starting their cycling trip. It is recommended that you recover at least two days after arriving in Leh. After resting, start your walk gradually as your body adjusts to the height and speed. Apart from that, make sure you drink enough water but not too much, as it can harm your health. Also, get your medicine handy to avoid MAM. 

Choose the best way 

To reach Leh, there are two main routes that one can follow. The most popular is via the Manalo-Leh road, although other routes from Srinagar to Sarahi and Upshaw are considered less difficult and are preferred by many riders. These two main routes are explained here, especially for motorcyclists on a Ladakh cycling tour from Delhi. 

Route 1 is approximately 2300 kilometers long.

Delhi to Jalandhar, Jammu to Srinagar, Cargill to Leh, search to Manalo, and back to Delhi. 

Route 2 is about 2000 kilometers long.

Documentation and license

For the Ladakh Bike Tour, you must have a routing Pass Permit to go to routing La, and if you are planning a Leh-Ladakh Bike Tour, you must have an Inner Line Permit (ILP) .These places can be accessed with a travel passport issued by the Indian government. unbar Valley Village, Khardung La, panging Tso Tso Mori Dah and Hanau, Akashi chisel Hanley Digger La tangier.

Be sure to check for the latest updates and information on the permit as it seems to be changing depending on the political situation in the Jammu and Kashmir region. 

Keep your money with you 

Make sure you have enough cash with you, as ATMs are only available in a few places.


Only a few network service providers operate in Ladakh; make sure you have the right one so you can stay in touch with your loved ones.

Your travel costs

Make sure you plan your vacation well because the cost of a cycling trip is determined by many factors, such as the choice of bike, food, accommodation, and length of stay. Don’t forget to factor in any unexpected expenses.

When you decide to do a Leh-Ladakh bike tour, be sure to consider the weather, your physical condition, your equipment and gear, and the other needs listed above.


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