Kedarkantha is a beautiful trek in the winter, it is titled as queen of winter trek. Deep snowfall and the mesmerizing view from the top.

Kedarkantha is the best trek for beginners as well as family. The view from the summit is very pleasant and many other peaks can be seen from the kedarkantha peak.

If you are trekking to kedrakantha, here is all you should do on the trek.

Crossing the first re-entrant.

For those who don’t know, re-entrant is the 2 hills from where usually rainwater flows.

The sightseeing around the re-entrant is amazing.

Pitching a tent beside Juda Kal Tal.

The wonderful thing in kedarkantha is camping by the side of the lake. The archaeologist says that lord shiva opened locks here and water from his hair dripped into that place hence it formed a lake. Interesting!

Walking with microspikes in the snow

 There is tons of snow from December to February. So it is advised to wear micro-spikes to walk easily in the snow.

Capture the movement with pictures and poses

The trek has beautiful movements to capture and it has its calmness and beauty. As a remembrance, you can take a picture of the place with the pose like you rule the world at the top of the kedarkantha summit.

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Dash through the snow

 Whether you are a kid, adult, or old it doesn’t matter, everyone likes to play in the snow, and the best thing is you can’t resist sliding down the snow.

Do you want to build a snowman?

 Yes, of course, everyone who reaches the snow land has a wish to build a snowman. Wouldn’t it be so funny doing snowman with your kid and family, this is the perfect vacation I say.

Local experience at sankri

If you have enough time to stay in sankri and go around the village to see the lifestyle of the people of sankri. Know about the traditions, customs and practices followed between them. Know about the different food styles.

Mountain biking.

It is a sport that involves riding the bike on hills and is a popular place for bike riders and mountainers.

Bird watching

The places had a wide variety of plants and fauna. The birds and animal lovers can watch some beautiful creatures.

The sunsets

Kedarkantha trek offers the most stunning sunsets. The view is very beautiful.

The view of the sunset from this point will stay in your mind forever. So this is one of the best things to witness in the Kedar Kantha.

The Homestays

You can experience the life of local people living here. You will get a chance to spend your nights at homestays in Kotgaon.

 The lifestyle, houses, and dressing are different here, so surely it will be a treat for you.

 Campsites Khujey, a meadow enveloped within lush-green forests. 

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Am I missing any ideas?

 The best thing about the kedarkantha trek is it provides various opportunities to have fun and experience for beginners.

Things to do in Kedarkantha


Skiing in winter



Experience nature

 Wildlife sanctuary

Zipline activity

Video shooting

Fun with snow

Creating vlogs

Exploring new places

There are few places near the Kedarkanatha trek to visit.

Osla village is 26 km from taluka.

Taluka village is 12km from sankri.

Jakhol village is 19km from netwar

Saru tal trek

Ruinsara tal trek

Rupin pass trek

Bali pass



Har ki dun trek



  • 2 Water bottles and a rain cover.
  • If required personal medical kit.
  • Shoes as mentioned above.
  • Torch with batteries.
  • Original identity card.
  • Empty tiffin box. 
  • Carry chocolates and biscuits, if necessary.



  • 2 jacket
  • One pair of woolen gloves
  • One pair of waterproof gloves
  • 2 trek pants ( comfortable one)
  • 4 T-shirts
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • Towel and handkerchief.
  • Protect your head from UV sunglasses.




  • Kedar Kantha is a good trek for beginners.
  • But still, you have to be prepared for it.
  • You have to consider the altitude, within 3 days you can reach the summit.
  • Summit push is the hardest part of the trek.
  • As a safety measure, microspikes are used to walk on the snow.



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