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The top five must-do homework and inspections before buying second-hand cars.

Buying second-hand cars explanation.

For budget buyers, second-hand cars are actually a very cost-effective choice. One is that the depreciation of new cars in the first few years is large, and buying a second-hand car can save this loss; the second is that regardless of whether it is a million luxury cars or a hundred thousand beginners, most of the budget scales can be in the middle-age market. Find your favorite products and choose from a wide variety of options. Check online platforms like in Malaysia for buying second-hand cars. Look cars like HONDA CIVIC check their features and decide to buy a second-hand car after noting the features of this car.

Conversely, because of the large number of choices and the more conditions that affect the price, the price of used cars is very confusing. Too many buyers have suffered a loss when trading second-hand cars; besides, cars are not simple products. , But an amazing technological crystallization made up of thousands of parts and electronic components of different materials. Many small parts are worn out or broken down, and it is difficult for professionals to find out at the first time, let alone you and me who are just ordinary people.


However, as long as you grasp a few key points, buying a second-hand car can also reduce the process of stepping on landmines. 

Evaluate whether to Buying second-hand cars

I believe that many consumers, especially first-buyers and budget buyers, have considered whether it is better to buy a new car or whether it is suitable to buy a second-hand car. Because you can buy higher-grade cars with a new car budget. For example, at a price of about RM609,000 for a medium-sized RV, you can buy large RVs, SUVs, and even older double-B luxury cars.

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The price is indeed very attractive, but because of the above-mentioned unpredictable conditions, and most of the original warranty has been lost, in addition to the increased trouble when buying a car, follow-up maintenance and maintenance also require more effort. However, as long as you set the right attitude and understand your own capabilities, used cars are not untouchable.

First of all, we must understand that used cars are not new cars, so there will inevitably be wear, use marks, and even parts damage. As the older the car you buy, the cheaper the price and the relative amount of money and energy required to maintain it will increase. In short, buying a second-hand car must be mentally prepared to repair the car. But overall, with a certain degree of automotive knowledge, the cost of ownership of used cars is still much lower than that of new cars.

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So how do you assess whether you are suitable for buying a used car? First, understand basic auto mechanics; second, have a way to repair cars or know how to select qualified stores; third, be willing to spend time doing homework. If none of these three points can be achieved, it is better to buy a new car.

Collect information to understand the market

The last paragraph mentioned “doing your homework”, which is unavoidable even if you buy a new car. It’s just that you have to do more homework to buy a second-hand car. Car models, market conditions, maintenance costs, depreciation speed, failure frequency… etc., all need to be collected in advance.

Second-hand cars are an information-oriented market, and many unscrupulous businessmen make huge profits from it. They rely on “information imbalance”, because you don’t understand it, so you can cut it hard. The more homework you do, the less likely you are to be deceived, and the better you will be able to understand how to choose a trusted car dealer or individual seller.

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With the development of the Internet, a large number of discussion boards and platforms like  have appeared, and relevant information is no longer scarce. The rest is whether buyers are willing to take the time to slowly get all this information in their hands, as the best helper when buying a car. For example, a second-hand car platform is a great tool for querying market conditions. Collecting a large number of prices of the same car in the same year, and then removing extreme values, you can roughly get the current market situation and use it as a basis for a car purchase.

Four key points for judging the condition of the car before Buying second-hand cars

What I mentioned above is the “pre-work” of buying a car. The next step is to enter the actual combat stage. This part is also the place where most consumers who are first exposed to used cars are fearful. However, readers must also understand that experience cannot be accumulated quickly after reading an article, and it is impossible to change from a novice to an old bird immediately.


But for the average person, starting with the four key points, you can at least avoid getting serious accidents, soaking in water, and other seriously defective second-hand cars. The four key points are “Appearance and Interior”, “Car Body Structure”, “Water Vehicle Inspection”, and “Engine Gearbox”.


Exterior and interior: Even if individual buyers will tidy up the car before selling it, second-hand car dealers will spend more to clean up and repair the exterior and interior of the vehicle, which will directly help increase the price. Therefore, a concept must be kept in mind, a beautiful and clean exterior and the interior does not mean the condition of the car. On the other hand, if you see some minor flaws inside and outside the vehicle, don’t assume that the condition of the vehicle is definitely not good.

Car body structure: Observing the car body structure is a good way to judge whether a used car has ever had an accident. The places to be observed include the front of the car, the door, and the rear of the car. In these areas, first pay attention to the main structures, such as the front crossbeam, door frame, rear trunk floor, etc., whether there are traces of re-welding or sheet metal. Even if the re-welding is polished and then painted, it is difficult to achieve flawlessness. After the sheet metal, you can see similar creases or twisted lines in the metal. These signs indicate that the vehicle has been heavily repaired and the probability of a serious accident is high. Please consider it before buying.


Soaking car inspection: Generally speaking, it is indeed possible to fully recover the soaking car, but this is not cost-effective. Therefore, most of the products that flow into the used car market are simply whitewashed products that are used by the industry to deceive lay consumers. Most businesses that operate decently will not sell water trucks. Therefore, if you want to judge whether the vehicle has been soaked in water, remove the carpet and door frame rubber strips to see if there is sedimentation, you can initially confirm whether it has been flooded.


Engine gearbox: This is indeed not something ordinary people can check, but there are still some simple steps that we can perform. For example, confirm that the engine number matches the line photo, and observe if there is any obvious oil leak. Due to the design or age of some cars, some oil and gas or oil stains are normal, but there are large areas and signs of low oil stains that should be paid attention to.


Sent to a third party for identification buying second-hand cars

Not everyone has the ability to conduct detailed vehicle condition inspections, and not all car dealers are willing to cooperate with consumers. At this time, third-party appraisal and inspection agencies are particularly important. There are not many third-party appraisal agencies that perform inspections of used cars in Malaysia. In order to avoid advertising suspicion, please search online.

The appraisal agency will have a professional technician to carry out the several key inspections mentioned above to confirm whether the vehicle has ever had an accident or a flooded vehicle. More advanced, you can even check the various functions of the vehicle and assist in judging whether the chassis suspension is abnormal. However, these appraisal units will not give advice on buying cars, but will only report the results of the tests for consumers’ reference.

Personal transfer or entrusted car dealership

When it comes to the last step of buying a car, it is the transfer of ownership. In fact, this is also the easiest one of the five key points for buying a second-hand car. If you buy a car from an original used car or a private used car dealer, the sales staff will help you with these procedures. If it is a personal sale, you need to go through the transfer procedures yourself. Although there are agency services around the supervision station that can be consulted, it can be done with a small amount of money, but now the procedures are simple and fast, in fact, it is recommended that you can do it yourself.

First of all, confirm the following items: whether you are in arrears with fines, gas fuel fees or license tax; if you have applied for a loan, whether it has been paid off, and the cancellation registration has been completed or a certificate of repayment has been obtained; whether the compulsory insurance has more than 30 days. Then prepare the relevant information: the identity cards of both the old and new owners, the seals of both parties, the license of the transferred vehicle, the registration of the new license plate of the original vehicle, and the compulsory insurance for the new owner. After all these are prepared, you can draw a number plate and go to the counter to go through the formalities.

One thing that needs attention is that vehicles older than 10 years must undergo a temporary inspection, but if a regular inspection is done within one month, the temporary inspection can be saved. Therefore, some car owners will choose this period of time to transfer the ownership, which can save a little trouble and save a little money.


Whether or not a second-hand car can be bought, in the final analysis, varies from person to person. It can indeed save a considerable budget, but the effort and time to invest have increased. If you want to save money, trouble and time at the same time, the chances of falling into the trap will be scary. This is something you must keep in mind before you consider buying a new or used car.

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