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We present our exclusive Moon lamp

Industrial Moon LampThe original Industrial Luna lamp is an ideal decoration element for your home, adaptable to many environments and situations. Its structure imitates the shape and surface of the moon, a design achieved thanks to 3D printing. Its energy consumption is minimal and its safety is high, which makes it a useful and interesting gift, even for children.

Why buy a moon lamp?

The Industrial moon lamp is ideal to illuminate any environment, while providing a beautiful decorative object. In addition, it serves as an ideal gift, both for children, adolescents or adults, as it provides soft lighting and also serves as a decoration.

Original and perfect design

The 3D moon lamp has a perfectly finished design, with the best and most advanced 3D printing technology.

Due to its design, it is ideal for children’s rooms, although it can also be used to illuminate other spaces. Although it is a moon-shaped lamp, its origami-style wooden base allows it to be adapted to different decorations and environments.

The moon lamp helps save energy

In addition to providing an excellent option as a gift or decoration, this lamp saves energy due to its LED bulb, which provides a soft light that does not damage the eyes. It works with a lithium battery, which is charged in any USB port with an autonomy of six hours.

To play, decorate or create a romantic atmosphere Industrial Moon Lamp

The design reproduces the shape and lunar surface so faithfully that it can serve as a decoration element but also to accompany children’s play. These low-consumption lighting objects are also highly chosen by teenagers to decorate their spaces.

Finally, do not hesitate to illuminate a romantic evening with the light of the moon lamps, which provide a warm and serene atmosphere on those occasions. Choose your light for outdoor 

How do moon lamps work?

These original decoration and lighting systems have touch control, that is to say that with a simple very light touch on their surface, the lamp can be turned on, off and change the intensity of the lighting.

The LED lamp is powered by a lithium-ion battery (included), which can be recharged via a USB port, providing about six hours of autonomy. It can also be used connected to the electrical outlet to have light for an unlimited time.

Buying a Moon Lamp you will receive:

  1. Industrial moon shaped lamp
  2. Universal USB charging cable
  3. Origami wood base

The moon lamp is an excellent gift for everyone

Take advantage of this possibility to make the perfect gift. The moon lamp is practical, decorative, fun and functional.

You can be sure to give a moon-shaped lamp to children, since it is made of ABS + PVC, and materials that do not take temperature. In addition, they have all the relevant CE, RoHS and FCC certifications.

Industrial Moon LampReceive the Industrial Moon Lamps in your home

In the Industrial store we have this exclusive Luna lamp, and we send it to your home so you can make an incredible gift.

There you will receive additional information about the available means of payment, which include credit and debit cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer and exclusive financing.

We also invite you to explore other more safety-focused lighting items in our section at the Industrial store.



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