black mask

What are the benefits of a black mask?

The black mask is a cleansing mask, which can have a good cleansing effect when applied to the face, but it also has other benefits. Do you know what are the benefits of a black mask? Let’s take a look at the benefits of the black mask!

1. Good cleaning power

  Carbon is usually added to the black mask. Carbon is a porous substance, and its adsorption is particularly good. It can absorb the dirt in our skin, so the cleaning power is better than other masks.

Second, the whitening degree is high

  Both the white masks and the black masks have whitening effects, but the white masks is not as good as the black masks. Because the carbon fiber contained in the black mask can play a good role in diluting melanin, the skin will naturally become white and more Good to suck away the dirty stuff.

3. Good absorption

  The sodium ions contained in the black mask can accelerate the blood circulation of our skin, and the essence can be absorbed by our skin in a short time, so the absorption strength is better than that of the white mask.

Entertainment industry celebrities use a black masks.

Celebrities love black masks, so let’s take a look at the advantages of black mask materials.

The entertainment industry has set off a wave of celebrities “self-inflicted”.

Wait, here I want to remind you that the black masks you put on may just be a “black” masks.

Let everyone popularize the black masks

The black film on the market is mainly divided into 3 categories

The first category is black dyed black non-woven fabric

The second category is bamboo charcoal black film

The third category is Binchotan Carbon Black Film

The effect of the membrane material is Binchotan charcoal>bamboo charcoal>non-woven fabric.

Binchotan charcoal mask not only has much higher adsorption capacity than bamboo charcoal fiber, but also has infrared emission ability and negative ion purification ability. Almost all good black masks use top-quality “Binchotan” as the raw material of the masks. Its cleansing power and compliance are the NO 1 of a cleansing mask!



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