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10 Best Spa, Beauty and Hair Salon WordPress Themes 2022

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Whether you’ve been employed to fabricate a spa or salon site or you’ll be finishing the task yourself, by picking one of the spa, magnificence, and salon WordPress topics in this assortment, the vast majority of the difficult work will be dealt with for you.

Among the highlights of these subjects, you’ll find somewhere around one pre-assembled spa site demo to browse. These demos establish the framework for your site, passing on you to add content that is explicit to your task.

The best salon and spa topics additionally incorporate a nitty gritty arrangement of controls that make it simple to redo pretty much every part of your beauty WordPress theme free download. A portion of these topics incorporates the superior WPBakery simplified page manufacturer module, giving you much more noteworthy artistic liberty.

Salon/WordPress Themes

Salon means to furnish you with every one of the elements you really want to construct a site to advance your well-being community, spa, or beauty parlour with WordPress. On the off chance that you need additional clients from your site, this could be the most ideal subject for you.

To assist you with getting your site looking simply your desired way, Salon includes a full intuitive landing page developer. This implies you can essentially move the accessible landing page components into the position you need, for the plan to match your vision.

An example of the modules or components you can show on your landing page incorporate a full-screen slider, administration menus, staff profiles, and video and picture content. This then, at that point, makes it simple to invite your guests to your and give them all the data they need to make a booking, right from your landing page.

Water/WordPress Themes

Water incorporates an incredible choice of pre-built landing page designs and layouts that give you a lot of adaptability with regard to building your site.

These landing page plans are great for a scope of various sorts of sites, from wellbeing spas and salons to health focuses and even yoga and mitigates studios. Whether you are advancing your business or the administrations you offer on the web, the Aqua topic can be effectively changed to address your issues.

As well as the scope of landing page formats, the Aqua spa subject incorporates instant formats and designs for the inward pages of your site. This incorporates the blog files and individual posts, contact and administration pages, as well as layouts for the internet-based store region of your site.

Rela/WordPress Themes

Rela is a WordPress topic focused on spas giving back rub administrations.

Any administration you offer from your spa or salon, there’s a decent opportunity that one of the Rela landing page demos will assist you with successfully advancing your business on the web. Albeit this topic most certainly has attention on spas that have practical experience in giving back rub administrations, different administrations aren’t neglected on the Real prebuilt layouts. Likewise, as the demo content can be effectively altered and changed, on the off chance that you like the general plan of the Real layouts however need to involve them in an alternate manner, it’s anything but an issue with this subject.

As all of the Rela landing page designs are populated with bunches of helpful components, they are very lengthy. Notwithstanding, you can without much of a stretch conceal any of the components or segments that aren’t ideal for your site, assisting with diminishing the length of the landing page formats to convey a more succinct client experience to your guests.

Oaza/WordPress Themes

Oaza provides you with a decent scope of choices for how your spa or salon site could look.

Among the demos that make up the Oaza subject, there are pre-constructed sites for spas, resorts, beauty parlours, and wellbeing focuses.

There’s likewise a demo for making a portfolio site that would function admirably for anybody offering their spa and magnificence related benefits autonomously, as a consultant.

  • As well as the more reason fabricated demos.
  • The Oaza principle demo can be depicted as even more a universally useful choice.
  • That is appropriate to make a scope of various spa, magnificence, and boutique sites with WordPress.
  • At last, there’s a demo for building a web-based store that sells items connected with this kind of undertaking.

In this manner, regardless of the sort of site you need to make, Oaza could be a subject that can help.

Divi/WordPress Themes

Because of a fabricated day spa site pack, Divi is an incredible decision for making a site for your spa or salon.

  • This pack has seven formats, including a snazzy landing page, as well as content for your administration.
  • Contact, and about pages, it shouldn’t take you long to send off your new site.
  • Divi design loads normally accompany a presentation page format – and the spa pack is no special case – and that implies.
  • You can likewise distribute a change centred piece of content that is great for transforming site guests into new clients and clients.

Divi likewise accompanies a split-testing device so you can investigate your pages to build your change rates.

Cherie/WordPress Themes

Chérie has a determination of four in vogue demos for spa, magnificence, and boutique sites.

Their demos are excellent and moderate, with key components like an assistance menu, about page.

And the viable source of inspiration buttons. You can likewise set up a blog or online business shop on this design.

  • With regards to tweaking the Cherie demos.
  • All of the subject layouts can be altered utilising the upheld Elementor page developer module.
  • On the off chance that you want to add your own marking.
  • Or some other substance to the Chérie demos, it’s anything but an issue.
  • Cherie is additionally viable with the Booked module.

Providing you with the choice of empowering a web-based arrangement framework in the event that you need it.


Aviana is a WordPress subject for health focuses, spas, and excellent treatment organisations.

  • The Aviana subject bundle gives you nine unique site demos to browse.
  • Including choices for spas, resorts, yoga studios, and other wellbeing and health-related projects.
  • Accordingly in the event that you’re making a site for a business in this kind of area.
  • Or you’re offering related items and administrations in these fields.
  • Aviana could assist you with rapidly sending off an expert looking at our site such as beautiful eCommerce website templates.


Pur is a spa and back rub WordPress subject for making proficient salon sites.

Assuming you need your spa or back rub place site to have an expert plan that is fitting for this kind of business.

  • Then, at that point, Pur could be an appropriate decision.
  • The prefabricated Pur site demo has a style and appearance.
  • That will quickly tell your guests that you offer great administration to your clients.
  • As this is a moderately late delivered design.
  • The plan of the pre-constructed content is completely state-of-the-art.
  • The default landing page design has a lot of room for you to show photos from your salon, or on the other hand.

Embed stock pictures and photographs that outwardly portray your business and its administrations


TheGem has all that you’re probably going to have to assist you with making an expert spa.

  • As well as two reason constructed spa and salon site demos.
  • TheGem incorporates north of 100 other site demos. A considerable lot of these plans can be effectively acclimated to suit your spa or salon site objectives.
  • Assisting you with making the site that is ideal for your main interest group.
  • Notwithstanding the way in which hands-on you need to get while setting up your WordPress salon or spa site.
  • TheGem will guarantee you end up with a site you’re glad for.

For those looking for a fast method for sending off their new two spas and salon, demos are great.


BeautyPress has five site demos and a simplified developer for considerably more imaginative potential outcomes.

  • On account of the five site demos that make up the BeautyPress bundle.
  • You should find it extremely simple to send off your new spa or salon site with this topic.
  • These exceptional demos centre around assisting you with guaranteeing your business has a sleek and proficient looking site.
  • Expanding your capacity to draw in a greater amount of the right kind of clients.
  • The choice of plans is each focused on various parts of the spa and salon industry.

Hence, any sort of administration you’re offering your clients, the BeautyPress topic could have the right plan for your site. Click here

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