Investigation Report

How To Prepare Investigation Report? Important Parts

Investigation report is the one that is made to get insights of anything. You may have to submit this report for some final decision. In such a report, you have to add information related to an incident. After that, there must be evidence related to any happening. In this type of report, you need to do special care for every date and time. The purpose of the report varies as per the person or situation. There can be a civilian who asks you to make an investigation report.

On the other hand, there can be an organization that needs to come up with an investigation report. Whatever is the purpose of the report, it must have all the important parts and elements. These things make the right structure of reports. In this way, you can maintain a smooth flow and logical sequence. However, there is an option to get masters dissertation help in case of any issue. Otherwise, it would not work well for any reader. This article aims to discuss how to prepare an effective investigation report. Let’s start the discussion.

What are the Parts of an Investigation Report?

A standardized structure makes it easy to understand the real matter and its details. If you have not ensured the major parts of the investigation report, it can confuse the reader. So let’s have a look at the main parts of an investigation report.

  • Basic Information
  • Complainant’s Information
  • Details of Complain
  • Details of Charged Person
  • Purpose of Investigation
  • Details of Assigned Task
  • Outline Interview
  • Evaluation of Investigation
  • Available Evidence
  • Conclusion and Recommendations

Each part of the investigation report is briefly discussed as below:

Basic Information

At the start of the report, you need to mention basic information related to the investigation. In this, you have to address three questions.

  • What is the case number?
  • When does the case get started?
  • Who is going to investigate?

Complainant’s Information

In the second part of the report, you have to add details of the party who made a complaint in a legal way. Mention his name, number, and email. Also, you need to add the home and office address of that person. In any legal action, it is necessary to compile information of every involved person.

Details of Complain

This part is supposed to address the complaint. In law and constitution, there are different categories of complaints. Mention that category of complaint. After that, you need to add further information about a complaint, like who has filed the complaint and how he did it. In this era of technology, the online system is high in use. So you need to mention the modem of complaint registration.

Details of Charged Person

Just like the complainant’s information, now you have to add the information of a charged person. Mention his name, number, email, and home address. If the charged person is an employee, then mention his job type, title, and department. In this case, you need to add an extra address that is of his office

Purpose of Investigation

The purpose of the investigation is to prove something either in favor of the complainant or charged person. So you need to mention that purpose. In the end, you may get the same results or the opposite one. That depends on the available evidence, but here you have to mention the objective in a clear way.

Details of Assigned Task

In any investigation, the investigator follows a particular path to address the issue. You have to mention that path over there. There is not any need to drag the scenario but describe every step briefly.

Outline Interview

In an investigation, you may have to ask other people for something. It can help you get the best out of a situation. You can name it an interview. So, in this section of the investigation report, you need to know who asked a question to whom. Mention the date, purpose, and personal details of both parties.

Evaluation of Investigation

Based on the interview, you have to make a report. You have to summarise that report over there. The investigator may have arranged more than one interview. Whatever is the number of interviews, you have to mention all of them.

Available Evidence

The interviewer can collect evidence at the time of the interview, or he may get a clue at that time. Based on that clue, he collects evidence. Your investigation report must have addressed all the evidence. This is the most important part of the investigation report. It must be clear in your report how the investigator has collected the evidence. Also, mention the date and location from where he has collected the evidence.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Based on the evidence, you have to conclude the investigation report. You need to evaluate each part critically so that you can make a logical conclusion. The designed conclusion helps you suggest which party is on the right side.

What Elements are Important in an Investigation?

The elements decide the whole process of investigation. First of all, you have to collect all the evidence. Then you are supposed to analyze each piece of evidence in a critical way. Sometimes things look different, but their insights portray a whole new scenario. So you have to see every piece of evidence at your disposal. Another important element of investigation is to take action based on the analyzed evidence. In the investigation process, the backend scene is the most important element. Even the purpose of the investigation is the same that is, to identify the backend story. So take care of these elements of investigation.

How Are Investigators’ Reports Prepared?

The investigation is summarised in an investigation report. This report is prepared in a standard format. Every investigation department in every business may have different standard formats. So the investigator is supposed to follow the rule and standards of his department. Also, he has to make sure if he has addressed all the essential parts or not. If yes, then it will be clear for the reader. The clarity of every statement is a fundamental demand of an investigation report.

Final Thoughts

Every part and element is necessary to address in the investigation report. A single missing part can create a lot of confusion. In simple words, your negligence can ruin all of your efforts. So be careful while working on the investigation report.

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