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There’s always room for one more plant, no matter how big or little your garden is! Plant different kinds of annuals or switch out what you place in your planter boxes every spring to keep your garden fresh and exciting. However, for year-round colour and interest, the backbone of your landscape should be a combination of perennials, shrubs, and trees. Know your Hardiness Zone (check yours here) before purchasing to ensure that a plant will survive the winter in your area. Then, before you start planting, consider how much sun or shade an area of your garden gets. The term “full sun” refers to 6+ hours of direct sunshine, and “part sun” refers to around half of that. Full shadow refers to a region that receives no direct sunlight or only a smidgeon in the morning.

Even before they bloom, high-quality to buy online plants will benefit you immediately. Here are the top 5 plants that can help you create a visually stunning garden.


Buxus can be used as a hedge, a formal plant, or a clipped plant in your garden. Several varieties are suitable for naturalistic planting and perform well. Traditionally, Boxus has been the most trustworthy plant for use in your garden, but pests and diseases have hampered its growth, destroying its appealing appearance.

Lilly Pilly is a character in the film Lilly Pilly.

It is part of a group of shrubs and trees that originated in Australia. Their colourful berries and fluffy blossoms are the main reasons for their popularity. They form fantastic screens and hedges, but you can also order plants online to feature garden beds and pots.


This tree or shrub is a huge, evergreen, bushy little tree or shrub with black trunks and leathery, thin, yellow-green leaves. The plant’s leaf margins are usually uneven and dark green, giving it a lovely appearance. It produces a few tiny dark purple flowers with a pleasant aroma in the early summer and late spring.

Wattle Acacia

It’s a fantastic garden plant. The flowers of the majority of species are sweetly fragrant. Their blossoms come in a variety of colours, ranging from cream to gold to pale yellow. Low-growing and prostrate species to shade trees and bigger shrubs are all examples of their growth habits.


Hydrangeas are near-perfection: They flourish in practically any climate and come in hundreds of various types. The lace blooms appear in early summer and persist into the fall, remaining intact on the bush for winter interest. One prevalent misunderstanding is that any hydrangea’s bloom colour may be changed. The truth is that just a few species of hydrangeas—some big-leaf and mountain hydrangeas—change colour when aluminium is present in the soil. Hydrangeas can grow to be a few feet tall and wide or up to 7 or 8 feet tall and wide, so study the label before planting to ensure enough space for it to spread.


Roses look lovely and romantic in any garden, whether a small urban plot or a large country backyard. They’re also not as picky as you may assume! Many new varieties have been bred to be longer-blooming and disease-resistant, and they don’t require deadheading or the removal of old blooms to maintain flowering. For your first attempt, stick with a shrub or landscape rose because they require absolutely no maintenance.


For a low-maintenance plant with year-round colour, look no farther than the beautyberry shrub. After months of green foliage dotted with lilac blossoms in the spring and summer, the beautyberry’s leaves fall away in the fall and winter, revealing magnificent purple berries (a favourite feast for birds). This drought-tolerant garden cultivar and disease- and pest-resistant, requires little to no maintenance once it’s been planted.


The plant produces flowers that are vividly coloured but lack petals. They are very attractive to birds and other honeyeaters. It can develop to be a low-growing shrub or a large evergreen tree.

People’s interests and inclinations differ. Therefore choosing plants for the garden differs from person to person. The plants listed above are the greatest for most people since they provide the most pleasant environment.

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