dandelion Camping complete guide


dandelion is located on the Western Ghats of Uttar Karnataka with lush green forests and lies on the banks of Kali River. dander latherdandeli weather, which is full of pollution and with the honking of the vehicles and it irritates your soul every now and then, and you want some greenery to soothe your eyes and your ears with the flowing of river water, then dandelion is the place of your visit. 

India is blessed with certain features which safeguard it from the outer world. Such as then t Himalayas he north segregates India from the northern side which protects India from raging China. Whereas it has eastern and western Ghats in peninsular India. dandelion is famous for its wildlife sanctuary.

No ATM in dandelion 

You won’t get any network over there. And there is no ATM available. And make sure, the hotel you go into must their Wi-Fi so that you do UPI transactions. Make sure you have enough cash with you so, that even if the Wi-Fi doesn’t work, you do not get scammed. There is no option for public transport in dandelion, so you can take your personal vehicle to this place or can rent it too. You can book a resort in dandelion for your stay. Dewdrops are one such resort available there. You can even research over it which resort suits you best depending on your finances and your comfort. The resorts give you the essence of home as well as camping. There are tents available where you can spend your nights getting the vibes of camping. 

Camps in dandelion 

You can book luxurious AC rooms or can even book authentic camping tents including food, with a water sport package. Water sports include swimming, boating, rain dancing, kayaking, river rafting, etc. Sightseeing includes a crocodile park, ecological park, Jungle Safari, angora backwater, etc. People might think that if they do not know swimming then water sports are not meant for them. But before going for it, you will be provided with life jackets which will help you to stay afloat even if you by chance fall into the river. It will be an amazing experience for the urban people to view the river from the middle. 


River rafting is not included in the water sports package. You will have to pay for the rift rafting on spot. Water sports may take 5-6 hours of time. River rafting starts at 9 in the morning and continues the day thereafter. This is amazing to do with your mates there when you work in a team to move your raft forward.

sup dam is the second largest dam in Karnataka which you will see on your way. It has a beautiful view engraved to soothe your mind and soul. You will see the silent river when the water is not released from the dam. When you are done with your water sports and get back to your resort, then it may get dark. The more beautiful it looks during the day, then it is more horrifying during the night. You may also see some wild animals on your way back. Make sure you are with your team on your return. You may be brave enough to pass the route, but when any wild animal encounters, you may need more people to fight them.


When you get back to your resort, arrange a campfire to enjoy the night with some songs. If it is summer, then your day-to-day clothes are okay to keep you warm. But if you are visiting in winter, then keep some woolen clothes with you. Winter in such areas is not like those in cities and towns. It is colder than you think. The green trees make it colder.

The next day you can enjoy activities like cycling, archery, pool swimming, etc. After a full lunch in the resort, you can leave the resort for sightseeing. And if you want to go on a Jungle safari, then you will have to wake up early in the morning at 4 o’clock. Only 120 people are allowed to go on Jungle Safari at a time. So, you must go early and do your booking for Jungle Safari

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