How to choose a best camera for filmmaking on a budget

Modern digital technology manufacturers offer a wide selection of SLR cameras. The appearance of such cameras was an important event. That allowed us to record a really massive hobby. In addition, the price of the cameras is quite democratic. As the cost of digital technology decreases, many ask the following question: “How to choose an SLR camera for beginners?” This semi-professional technique allows you to capture higher quality images than a compact Cold Shoe.

Before choosing, it is necessary to study the recommendations of experts. This will help you prepare for the marketing tricks of the manufacturer and buy really permanent equipment.

How to choose an SLR camera? You must first understand how it differs from other models. This camera consists of two main parts. One of them is the “hull”, and the other is the optics for fastening. Thus, the SLR camera provides the ability to use a removable lens.

Crop or full frame

How to choose the best camera for outdoor photography.? First you need to decide on the appropriate format. This can be a full frame stencil or a cropped version (cropped). How to choose a cheap SLR camera for non-professionals who will not make money? For such customers, it is desirable to choose a model with a reduced matrix. This technique, above all, has a lower price. In this case, the role is played not only by the “hull”, but also by the optics.

As for the full-length matrix, it is not easy to get quality images with its use if you put cheap lenses on the “frame”. Printed photos will show flaws that are almost imperceptible to cropping.

By buying a cheaper option, you can use your savings to buy various accessories. Sooner or later they will have to buy. In addition, purchased “heritage” supplements can go to the new “corpse”. Of course, for those who are not limited in financial resources, it is desirable to spend 150-200 thousand rubles to buy a full-frame SLR. As for cameras with a 35 mm matrix, then each of the manufacturers can find more than one or two semi-professional models. Therefore, a detailed camera study is recommended for those who choose crop equipment.


How to choose the best camera for filmmaking on a budget.? When buying a camera, you should pay attention to the manufacturer. The most popular companies offering semi-professional SLR cameras are Nikon, Canon, and Sony. Behind them are Olympus, Pentax, and Samsung. Of course, the technique of the first three leaders is desirable. But in case the buyer’s budget is limited, you should look at the technique of lesser-known manufacturers.

If you are interested in SLR cameras, how to choose the optimal model? Numerous customer reviews indicate that Canon is a leader in the quality of images received. It should be borne in mind that the price of photographic accessories of this company is one of the highest. But in the practicality of using such a camera, the Nikon and Sony brand loses. By the way, in the cameras of the last of these manufacturers, the stabilization system was inserted into the “hull”. This can significantly reduce the cost of optics designed for cameras.

But either way, the quality of the images taken with the top three cameras is about the same. Therefore, if you do not know how to choose an SLR camera, you should focus on individual preferences.


How to choose a semi-professional mirror camera? Many believe that one of the main features of the camera is the resolution of the matrix. However, that is not entirely true. 10 MP is enough to print size photos A3. The matrix is ​​manufactured by modern manufacturers and gives higher values. However, there is a certain pattern. Increasing the number of pixels at the same matrix size leads to a decrease in their size. This causes a negative effect. It is expressed in matrix noise at high ISO values. Manufacturers are trying to solve this problem with various noise reduction algorithms, as well as with high-speed processors and other tricks.

The algorithms needed to reduce the noise effect produce image blur. And then it turns out to be a double-edged sword. By increasing the resolution of the matrix, the manufacturer achieves an increase in detail, and a decrease in noise contributes to the “eating” of details.

So, if you are interested in SLR cameras, how to choose? It is recommended that many users pay attention to megapixels when shopping. It is necessary to ensure good image quality when setting high values ​​of matrix sensitivity.

Autofocus and image stabilizer

How to choose a camera with a mirror so that it suits an amateur photographer in everything? You should pay attention to autofocus. With good cameras, it works at high speed, because the image quality during dynamic shooting depends on this device. It’s not easy to catch a decent kick. Especially if the shooting is performed, for example, on the football field at the time of the attack on the gate. The autofocus speed depends on the algorithms. And each of them has its own companies. Autofocus can be in the camera or in the lens. The image quality in both options is the same.

When choosing a camera, you should pay attention to the presence of an image stabilization system. This will allow you to get high-quality images that will not have blurry areas. The system works in cases where the photographer is handling it. The image stabilizer can be built into the camera or lens. Which option is more desirable? It is better than the stabilization system is located in the camera itself because the lenses are a replacement part.

Case and memory

When choosing an SLR camera, the necessary criteria are comforted in use, as well as ease of maintenance. Therefore, before buying the device should be held in your hands and get acquainted with its menu. The buttons on the camera should be conveniently located for the future owner.

Pictures need to be stored somewhere. So you have to buy an extra memory card. The optimal amount is 32-64 GB. When shopping, it is important to pay attention to the class card. The higher it is, the higher the data transfer rate.


The camera will need recharging. In this case, the battery capacity should be as high as possible. The camera’s battery life may increase significantly. You will need to use a battery for this. He will allow you not to miss important shots. Best of all, if the camera will be equipped with a battery. It is safer than finger batteries, in addition, it keeps charging even longer.


Human perception of the world is through the eyes. The camera also reflects everything around it with a lens. This element in the mirror technique is one of the most significant.

That is why it is made detachable in modern cameras. Different types of lenses will allow you to get high-quality images in any environment. Thus, wide optics are needed to photograph nature. Great with its architectural structures. Ultra-wide lenses are used when creating expressive panoramic images. Capture digital technology and small objects. To do this, you need to buy a macro lens.

Camera class and its price

How to choose an SLR camera? Modern manufacturers produce three lines of full-format cameras. The name of each of them corresponds to its purpose. The rulers were introduced to entrance cameras, amateur equipment, and semi-professional models.

How to choose a camera with a mirror from the options offered on the consumer market? To do this, you need to adjust your financial capabilities to your preferences. As for input cameras, they are the poorest in technology. The shortening of such cameras is being compensated by automatic modes that contain indications for newcomers to the photo industry. The price of such cameras is equal to the most advanced soap dishes. If the means allow, it is undesirable to take such SLR camera models. It should be borne in mind that the lower price of these models does not justify their reduced functionality.

Professional Use Best point and shoot film camera

If you don’t know how to choose an SLR digital camera, stop your eyes on amateur models. This is the best option for beginners who are not familiar with all the subtleties of digital technology. All amateur camera models have a reasonable price. Their compact dimensions allow you to take your camera with you on any trip.

And if you are good enough in the art of photography? Then it is desirable to stay on the third version of the model – a semi-professional camera. His main trump card is convenience. And, strangely enough, as the size of the camera increases, it becomes easier to use. Semi-professional camera models are designed with improved ergonomics. As a rule, they have additional functions in the form of control, which allows you to quickly switch from one setting to another.

How to choose a Professional Use Best point and shoot film camera.? The main criterion for this is only funding. It is important to remember that with the growth of the class and, accordingly, the prices, all the characteristics of the camera improve. Costs should take into account the cost of optics. For example, an amateur camera model with a quality lens would be a better purchase than a semi-professional camera with a “whale”.

Iceberg type

How to choose a camera with a mirror? Of course, modern manufacturers offer their customers professional cameras with a full matrix. This technique is much more reliable and stronger than younger brothers. It has protection against moisture and dust and has a long closing resource. All these factors affect the weight, size and price of the camera.

For beginners in photography, such equipment is not worth buying. The fact is that professional cameras are not equipped with automatic settings. The photographer is considered to have excellent practice and can independently use the powerful potential inherent in such cameras. This technique is also suitable for serious fans who want uncompromising image quality.

A selection of Canon cameras

Beginners are recommended to look at amateur cameras of this brand. In 2014, thirteen models were introduced. How to choose a Canon reflex camera? Before determining which model is most suitable for you, it is worth considering the comparative characteristics of the entire line of cameras. The best of these is considered to be the Canon 70D. You can check this by reviewing the device settings. The camera has a rotating touch screen and has the ability to fast serial shooting. In addition, you can record great quality videos.

With limited financial resources, the Canon 1100D amateur camera will be the most suitable option. It is equipped with a standard lens and costs about four hundred dollars.

How to choose a Nikon DSLR camera?

Modern cameras of this type have excellent ergonomics. This applies to even the simplest options. In addition, Nikon SLR cameras operate at high speeds, have excellent resolution matrices and have an intuitive menu.

The manufacturer has already released a whole line of cameras, and the potential buyer will have to understand the diversity of this technology before deciding on the model.

How to choose a Nikon reflex camera? For those who have decided to get a camera, with which you can get high-quality images, the D3100 such as Best camera for concert photography will be the best option. This model was released in 2010. He immediately gained great popularity. Among Nikon’s SLR cameras, it was the first with which you can record the highest quality videos. The Nikon D3100 is extremely easy to use and guarantees its owner excellent image quality. It has a help mode that makes it easier to take photos. Compared to its predecessors, the D3100 cameras have somewhat reduced the weight that modern models have begun to make up to 0.5 kg without a lens. Many experts confirm the fact that this SLR camera has an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Selection of Sony cameras

SLR cameras of this brand are manufactured under the brand “Alpha”. These models are intended for novice photographers who want to buy Sony Sony SLR cameras.

How to choose the right camera? One of the latest models is the Sony ALPHA SLT-58. It is easy to use and has a wide range of different functions. Beginner photographers will enjoy the speed of the camera, with which you can shoot from five to eight frames per second, as well as a fifteen-point autofocus system, equipped with the latest autofocus function. You can record a video on Sony’s SLR. It is equipped with an improved video processor and has a high sensitivity. On the Sony ALPHA SLT-58 model, the manufacturer set a price of $ 600.

One of the disadvantages of Sony SLR cameras is the short history of publishing such equipment by the company. Reportedly, the company has no practical experience in the production of optics. But such statements are not substantiated In the field of SLR camera production, Sony is a direct follower of such a reputable and world-famous photography company as Konica Minolta.

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