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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G review

On the off chance that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G was a burger, it would accompany every one of the decorations. Cheddar, bacon, the best natural greens, specks of gold leaf only for impact, and the best gherkins sourced anyplace all throughout the planet. 

Be that as it may, while some can’t stand a pickle, there’s nothing to loathe about the additional items stacked onto the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. You get two zoom cameras, including an honestly staggering sounding 10x optical zoom, and Samsung’s own Exynos 2100 chipset that appears around 20% quicker than its archetype. 

Samsung’s variable revive rate 120Hz OLED screen is additionally more valuable this time around, yet is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G worth the £1149 beginning cost? 

The brand’s line-up of expensive 2021 telephones is completely more terrible than last year’s somely. It needs us to pay nearly £800 for a plastic Samsung Galaxy S21, and the Samsung Galaxy S21+ doesn’t have the beautiful bended glass the organization has utilized for a really long time. 

Are telephones, similar to life as a general rule, deteriorating constantly? The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra doesn’t think so. 

This is Samsung’s one genuine super very good quality versatile of mid 2021 wirth one of the most outstanding bended glass separates the world and cameras permitting you to perceive what your neighbors are doing during lockdown. 

There’s just one significant missing section: a charger. However, when the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra expenses not exactly last year’s Galaxy S20 Ultra, we can suck that one up, so perhaps it has the right to make life surprisingly difficult for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.


The principal things you’ll see about the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra are not especially sure. At 227g this telephone is haul and you will quickly enroll the weight except if you as of now utilize a bulky incredible thing like the iPhone 11 Pro Max. 

Not every person will in a split second become hopelessly enamored with the camera lodging either, which sticks out of the back like a piece of Brutalist design. Give this one per minute, however, in light of the fact that there are motivations to like it. 

There’s a ton going on behind the camera’s little aluminum stage, and most Galaxy S21 Ultra cases space around the knock. This implies it’ll look less like it’s really for a situation, in the event that you purchase a decent one at any rate. 

In particular, however, we appreciate that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra doesn’t look like all the other things out there. Our one is in all-dark and Samsung has some way or another made a plain dark telephone that doesn’t look exhausting. 

Those curiously large camera rings, organized like some Instagrammer’s airborne photograph of a tapas supper, decidedly shout “tech” and in case you’re not accepting a telephone as costly as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra therefore, get something less expensive. 

It’s a disgrace we don’t get a portion of the two-tone shading styles found in the lower-end Galaxy S21 relatives, rather silver and dark. This is Samsung’s really significant huge kid telephone for adults, plainly. 

Tip: Samsung offers some selective tones from, including swarm most loved Brown. Look at them. 


Beside a somewhat more striking plan than a few, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is exactly what we anticipated. It’s large and weighty, utilizes top-quality materials like bended Gorilla Glass Victus and gleam painted aluminum, however there’s one more secret element as well. 

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra backings the S-Pen, the pointer series utilized by Samsung’s Note telephones. You can get this packaged with Samsung’s own S-View cover, yet we suggest purchasing a slimmer, ordinary case and a S-Pen independently if the thought requests. 

Indeed, it’d be pleasant if Samsung incorporated a S-Pen, however we don’t get a connector with the telephone, so that is an unrealistic fantasy. 

We attempted the Note 20’s S-Pen with the Galaxy S21 Ultra and discovered it works wonderfully. Press the side catch and the S-Pen nav menu springs up as though this were a Note telephone, and both pressing factor affectability and slant acknowledgment fill in as you’d trust in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. 


The Note’s Air motions and controller highlights don’t work. Evidently a S-Pen Pro is coming later on, however you can wager that will cost essentially more than the £34.99 you’ll pay for the standard one made for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. To be straightforward the solitary time we’ve really utilized the S-Pen’s enchantment wand signals is during a survey. 


This is the S-Pen made for how we really use it — infrequent doodling meetings — and not the productive note-taking and penmanship we envisioned we’d do when the Note series previously showed up.


The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has a 6.8-inch OLED screen with bended sides. That bend isn’t pretty much as articulated as the OnePlus 8 Pro’s or alternately Oppo’s Find X2 Pro. 

An emotional twist makes a showcase look advanced and extravagant, yet it’s likely uplifting news for picture quality as a lighter one method you don’t get such clear darkening in the last millimeter or two of the screen. 

Most components you’ll really see are equivalent to last year, and that is no terrible thing. This is a super sharp 1440p screen with incredible shading profundity, executioner contrast, and 1500 nits brilliance, which implies the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra disregards splendid days to some extent just as the iPhone 12 Pro Max and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. 

The change for 2021 is about invigorated rate. Last year’s Galaxy S20 Ultra had a 120Hz screen actually like this one, yet you needed to pick between that revive rate or the maximum 1440p splendor. 

This year you can have both, probably in light of the fact that this is currently a super versatile screen. That implies it can change how frequently the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra revives its picture on the fly, from 10 times each second to 120. Why? It saves battery. 

The OnePlus 8 Pro let you have basically this equivalent experience last year, however it does essentially mean the Galaxy S21 Ultra has made up for a lost time.


There’s considerably more astonishing stuff going on in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s cameras. Samsung went all-out on zoom tech, much more so than in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. 

You get a 10MP 3x zoom and a 10MP 10x zoom. This isn’t the “phony” crossover zoom Samsung packs into the Galaxy S21 and S21+. You get double the genuine focal point amplification we’ve seen in other top Androids to date. 

This is the one section that made our jaws drop when Samsung declared the S21. So is it an elite banger? 

Generally, yes. Contrasting it with the Oppo Find X2 Pro, the best pericope zoom camera we could spread out hands-on schedule, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra delivers more detail when you truly dive into 20-30x zoom. Attempt that with a 2x or 3x zoom and you end up with visual Ready Brek. 

Stills look incredible at 15x zoom and we’ve been astonished by a portion of the stuff the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has caught, similar to the delightful and muddled examples in somebody’s iris, and the to some degree less wonderful miniature veins on their eyeball. Truly, look at our display. 

You can deal with the 10x zoom like a distant large-scale camera, which is damn amazing. This stuff simply isn’t on the menu in most different telephones. 

The solitary main problem we have with the superzoom is it has a propensity for not drawing in at 10x, so you end up with soft computerized zoom shots. Be that as it may, this scents like a dispatch programming bug. Gracious, and regardless of that insane focal point, Samsung’s Space Zoom 100x pictures are as yet poor. 

This element was presented in the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which has a higher-goal 4x zoom. 100x pictures might have worked on a little, however, they are as yet soft in the limit. 

What about the fundamental camera? The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has a 108MP sensor, letting out the standard 12MP pictures. There’s no pivotal change in picture quality here. You actually get the incredible, spotless, and contrasty photographs we anticipate from a top Samsung, complete with the inclination to amp up the shading somewhat a lot for certain preferences. 

The principle change we saw is about HDR, utilized in photography to bring out shadow detail without extinguishing the features. Samsung appears to drive it farther than at any other time in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. 

This telephone never takes a dull-looking photograph, however, once in a while even the most obscure-looking shadowy regions look a little smushy. It very well might be an extraordinary sensor, however, this is as yet a telephone sensor and one with small sensor pixels and just alright local powerful reach. 

Samsung mitigates this in low light utilizing the multi-openness strategy you find in each top-end telephone nowadays. You might need to stand by a couple of moments and keep the telephone still, however the outcomes represent themselves. 

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra doesn’t exactly arrive at the wonderful statures of the Huawei P40 Pro when you’re managing for all intents and purposes zero light, yet you can utilize a night mode with the ultrawide camera, the 3x zoom and surprisingly the 10x. Out in reality, that sort of adaptability is more significant. 

Goodness and the ultrawide camera wipes the floor close to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It may very well be the best ultrawide you can get in any telephone at the present time. It’s incredible for large-scale shots as well, so is the fundamental camera, as it allows you to center far nearer than pretty much every other top Android. 


The rundown goes on: the video is noteworthy. You can shoot at up to 8K goal at 24fps and this is even balanced out. It’s a real usable 8K video mode, in any case, the majority of you should adhere to 4K at 60fps or underneath as 8K uses a sensor crop and the movement at 4K is essentially smoother. 

Need to rescue, all things considered, totally? There’s a mode for that, called Single Take. This shoots a lot of photographs and little video cuts while you simply hold the camera there, or move it around. 

It seems like a garbage highlight, however, request that a companion accomplish something senseless as Single Take does its thing and you end up with a lot of shareable minutes, complete with fast fire altering and a soundtrack. It’s a puff, yet delectable cushion. 

Before we wind up composing a Haynes manual on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, we should just rapidly address the selfie cam. It’s superb. You get a 40MP sensor, which utilizes the high res to offer two fields of view. The detail is tremendous in sunlight and — like each and every camera on the telephone — it can utilize the Samsung Night mode. This camera exhibit is essentially strangely competent


Time for another subject. There will never be normally much interest in a top-end telephone’s force except if you’re truly into numbers and know what a 3200 Geekbench 5 score really implies. That is the thing that the Galaxy S21 Ultra procures, incidentally, yet there is a significant thing to think about this telephone. 

In the UK, and the remainder of Europe, we get the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with an Exynos 2100 processor. Those fortunate people in the US and China get a Snapdragon 888, which has a larger number of illustrations snort than the Exynos. 

In the event that we had a decision. We’d pick the Snapdragon, yet the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra actually runs like a fantasy, has up to 512GB capacity, enough that we don’t actually mind that there isn’t a microSD space, and Fortnite even allows you to run the game in a 90fps mode. 

Certainly, it doesn’t really hit that on the off chance that you utilize the most elevated designs settings, and spends a decent lot of the time well beneath 60fps. However telephones don’t have what could be compared to a Xbox Series X’s illustrations power, regardless Samsung and Apple’s attempts to close the deal may recommend. 

The genuine stress we had over the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s Exynos processor was battery life. Last year’s top Samsungs didn’t hold up excessively well, so does this one? 

It has a 5000mAh battery, actually like last year’s Galaxy S20 Ultra. We discover it as a rule keeps going a strong day except if you go hard with your screen time with the 1440p and 120Hz modes turned on. This can in any case makes the battery drop like a stone. 

Be that as it may, is there a genuine improvement here? We utilized an application called Generic Battery Drainer (infectious, right?) to perceive how the Galaxy S21 Ultra and somewhat prior Galaxy Note 20 took care of a half-hour with the screen on, the CPU given an exercise, and Bluetooth/GPS/Wi-Fi all flying off. 

The S21 Ultra lost 11% charge, the Note 20 was 16% down. That is a major contrast and one that can’t be clarified exclusively by the knock-up in battery limit. 

The uplifting news is these new Samsung processors appear to be more productive than the last and it brings about strong, if not astounding, battery life, regardless of whether telephones like the Oppo Find X2 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and Huawei P40 Pro actually last more. 

Samsung is likewise way behind as far as to charge speed. The OnePlus 8 Pro and the furthest down the line Oppos can suck up juice at over two times the speed, and in case you’re updating from an old telephone. You’ll probably have to purchase another connector to get the full 25W charge rate.


Samsung has stripped back certain pieces of the Galaxy S21 territory for 2021. Yet the Galaxy S21 Ultra pulls off only one: there’s no charger in the container, very much like the Apple iPhone 12 series. 

Certainly, we get a Samsung processor in the UK, not the Snapdragon we’d prefer to have. But rather it’s a bit simpler on the battery this time around and has sufficient ability to keep us grinning. 

There’s only one executioner motivation to purchase this specific telephone, however. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera is insane acceptable. It’s presumably the most flexible telephone camera for stills we’ve at any time ever. 

The draw isn’t crude picture quality. Which doesn’t take any significant jumps forward. Yet how this portable doesn’t care either way if your subject is 3cm away or 300m. 

You probably won’t have the option to draw near to the activity right now on account of this grisly infection. Yet with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, you still can.



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