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How To Create Your Own Home Gym On A Tight Budget

Design a home gym. How to own a perfect home gym. Simplicity and cost-effectiveness within the space allowed? The following article will show you how to design a home gym on a tight budget.

Benefits of a home gym

Save time

Having a fitness space at home, you save time commuting to the gym. After coming home from work, rest and can do gym exercises right away. 

The time spent on exercise is also shortened. There will be no more standing in line waiting for treadmills, weight training rigs…

The home gym is effective for short workouts. When you wake up early in the morning, you can practice push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups for about 15 minutes to warm up your body. In the afternoon, if the time is too tight, you can still spend 15 minutes practicing. Meanwhile, the time you go to the gym during peak hours takes more than 30 minutes, 1 hour late. 

Freely, actively practice

You will have a private, free practice space. Even practicing and singing along to the house is no problem. No one will disturb you while you exercise.

You can completely set up the exercise system according to your needs. Active exercise, practice time. 

Fitness for the whole family 

Owning a home gym, you and your members can exercise together. From grandparents, wife, children. Instead of going to the gym alone. If the area is large, economic conditions are abundant, you can set up more yoga and aerobics. There is even a play area for children to exercise. 

Increase cohesion among members

Exercising alone can make you feel bored and lose motivation. But when scheduling exercises with your wife and children, daily exercise not only improves health. Above all, it also increases the bond between family members. Surely, after stressful working hours, you just want to come home. 

Clean, safe 

At the gym, many people are working together. Although there is a cleaning service, it is not possible to guarantee the cleanliness of bacteria, germs, influenza viruses, intestinal bacteria, etc. You are still at risk of infection, bringing germs home from the gym.

According to statistics, the treadmill has 74 times more germs than the bathroom water.

A jogger bike has 39 times more germs than a coffee tray.

Therefore, having a private gym at home will ensure safety and cleanliness. The home gym is only for you or your family members to practice. Still actively cleaning every day.

Instructions for designing a super beautiful and comfortable home gym 

Cost of designing a family gym 

The cost of investing in a home gym is a matter of concern to many investors. Usually, those in need have plenty of budgets. They want to increase convenience and home health care for the whole family. However, there will still be a specific cost to estimate and plan the most reasonable construction. 

It depends on the economic situation of each family. The home gym does not need to be too large, just 15-20m. Gym equipment should follow the needs. Don’t waste money buying exercise machines you don’t need. And you should use discount codes, coupons for gym equipment when buying many goods to save costs.

Choose a location 

Various gym locations. Depending on the interior design of each house, the layout is appropriate. The space can be set up such as living room, dining room, on the terrace, attic, basement, garden, balcony, next to the balcony to the swimming pool…

A few notes when choosing a location are as follows: you should choose a room with many large windows and lots of natural light from outside. Open space, good view, increase training efficiency. Avoid places where drafts are too strong, which will make you more likely to catch a cold when sweating.

For locations such as basements or attic floors, use lighting and ventilation fans to overcome disadvantages. 


With a home gym, you don’t have to be so focused on the interior. However, it is also possible to set up more tables and shelves for training supplies. If the area is small, the natural space should be airy. Avoid filling up the room, causing a feeling of suffocation and urgency.

Industrial furniture products such as tables with multi-function legs can be used, which can be folded and easily moved. Design wall-mounted cabinets, built-in cabinets

In the gym, arrange more wall-mounted televisions. Convenient if you intend to study online with a teacher. Or practice yoga, Pilates, aerobics…

Use a large mirror to hang on the full wall or as wide as possible. Arrange 1-2 reflectors to increase the practice area. At the same time, the mirror will help you easily observe your movements. Self-correct technique. You can also watch the graceful movements of the body through the large mirror. 

The gym floor can take advantage of the family wooden floor. But the best should be specialized rubber flooring for the gym. Rubber flooring ensures safety when exercising. Anti-noise, anti-slip.

Tools and equipment for exercise 

Gym equipment needs to stick to training needs. Do you set up a gym for men or women? Only for the use of that one individual or other family members? For example grandparents, children?

What kind of exercises are you looking to pursue? Weight training, muscle groups, cardio? Or gentle exercises such as aerobics, yoga, pilates … 

See from that need, plus the budget and space. You can choose the right exercise equipment.

When choosing to buy exercise machines, priority should be given to criteria of durability, beauty, and safety. Buy at reputable addresses, with warranty and maintenance. If practicing yoga, arrange more exercise mats, yoga bricks, hammocks, exercise balls, yoga ropes, etc. 


Above is an article on how to design an effective home gym, creating an ideal workout space for you and your family. You can read more 5 tips for saving money when buying fitness gear to make a decision to own items to help design a home gym effectively.

We hope that the information we provide above will help you own the best gym.

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