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Trek through the magnificent views of the forests, grasslands, lakes, and streams to reach Kareri Lake. Relax and enjoy the natural splendours of Kareri Lake, a glistening lake surrounded by lush subtropical forests and mountainous grasslands. A rugged lake of freshwater. Take the path with an experienced and friendly guide as you walk along the beach Kareri Lake. Trek through the lush, green Chirr and Chilgoza pine forest at an altitude of 9,650 feet Dorm among the stars, as you enjoy the simple lifestyle away from the busy cities and listen to the local people’s stories.


Kareri Lake is a freshwater lake, rocky in the greenery mountains, situated at an elevation of about 2950 meters in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. This glacial trek to Lake Kareri, situated on the majestic Dhauladhar, takes you to the most picturesque sites of the city as it hosts lush pastures, exotic, everlasting flora, and dense conifers. Kareri trek is also a favourite among photographers and nature enthusiasts who may spend time near to nature while taking their best photographs.

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How to Reach

By air: the airport of Kangra is the closest airport to Dharamkot, just 17 km away. The flights from New Delhi and from Chandigarh Airports can be connected to this place.

By Train: Kangra, which is 27 km from Dharamkot is the nearest railway station. It is connected by a narrow line to the Pathankot Railway Station.

From New Delhi to Mcleodganj by road. The overnight bus from Dharamkot is only 3 miles away. From Shimla, Manali, Dehradun, Chandigarh, and Pathankot, you can also get to Mcleodganj by bus.


Day 1 Kareri Village Dharamkot | Scenic route Surrounded by beautiful mountains of snow-capped.

At Kaneri you will be met by a representative who will greet you with a short overview of the whole tour.

After you meet your tour leader and other visitors, begin the trip to the nearby village of Kaneri.

Once you reach Dharamkot and meet the rest of the group, proceed to the village of Kareri.

Meet the people of the village of Kareri, who are of the tribe of Gaddi.

Overnight at Kareri Village in a tent or a homestay.

Day 2 

Trek to Karer Lake | Thick forests of Oak, Rhododendron, and Pine trees are walked through

After having a hearty breakfast, start early in the morning.

You will go to Reoti Base Camp from Kareri Village and start the walk from here to the lake.

Trek to Reoti’s lake depends on the weather as the path becomes too slippery for walking on a rainy day.

The trek passes first through the flat terrain but then climbs steeply along the Kareri Nullah Stream and passes through several bridges.

Take a look at the perfect glacial elliptical lake in the beauty of nature, with its subtropical forests and its alpine grass.

In order to get a better lake panoramic view, climb the nearby hill and the temple on top.

You will be back at the Reoti Base Camp after some time, where you will enjoy a campfire.

The Reoti Basic Camp overnight.

Day 3


Go down to Mcleodganj | End of the journey with a bag of full memories of life.

Start your exit to Mcleodganj after breakfast at the camp site.

Reach Mcleodganj for a lifetime to signal the end of the trip with many memories.

Some Details

High altitudes climatic conditions vary from the plains; they take sufficient time to acclimate to high altitudes. It is recommended that you wear sufficient warm clothes and shoes. Pay attention to the guides and trainers to enjoy a safe and healthy walk. Avoid alcohol use or other poisoning substances during the trek. Water is very valuable so it is appreciated for conservation. Do not encourage night walking unless it is part of the route and you have a guide with you; that could lead to unforeseen misfortunes. Earphones should not be used during the trek, which may hinder your hearing. Avoid using plastic bags and keep destinations ecologically balanced. The officials should be informed in advance if the trek needs to be postponed. The State-Government Guidelines shall be followed. To maintain social distancing. Recommended frequent hand sanitation and mask usage. At the time of check-in, please enter a valid ID. You will be shared the exact position after the reservation. Professional guides and further information and personal care necessary to enjoy a trek are available in order to ensure high safety. Clean and organized vehicles are available especially for hills for the trip with experienced drivers.

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