Rajmachi Trek the perfect thrill for your weekend

A little bit of introduction

Situated in the rough hills of the Sahyadri mountains, Rajmachi is one of the most beautiful and fascinating fortresses. This fortress is perfect for walking, encircled by luxurious green mountains, wonders of flora and fauna, waterfalls as well as green valleys. Through Rajmachi Fort you can be offered an outdoorsy day out with your friends and family members to capture the spectacle of the countryside. Reserve 2 days Rajmachi trek for 1 night and enjoy this esoteric trekking and backpacking experience.

The itinerary

1st Day – Lonavala till Rajmachi

07:00 pm – Meet the station squad.

07:30 pm – Jeep commute with something new.

8:35 – Check out the point of the drop car.

08:45 – Start the Journey in the green grass to Base village. (The walk is just 2 hours)

Rajmachi Village – 10:30 a.m.

11:00 PM – Meal feast and relieve your food cravings.

11:30 pm – Enjoy sleeping and enjoying yourself with your groups.


2nd Day

06:00 AM – Wake up and watch the lovely sunrise and enjoy the amazing views.

07:00 AM – Keep your shoelaces in touch and begin to go down.

08:30 AM – Run to and refresh your base village.

08:30 – Good morning and get the. 08:30 AM –

09:00 AM — Here ends the Rajmachi trek, now depart for Lonavala.

12:00 – Lonavala.  Off to Bombay. 

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Some information to be aware of

This activity should not be suggested for safety reasons for women giving birth for more than three months, anyone with a major operation or a broken leg/arm, chronic back or neck pain, etc. At the time of reservation and at the arrival time, ID evidence is required for each guest. The PAN card is not a valid proof of address. All international citizens are required to communicate their passport and visa details on the reservation and on arrival. The Rajmachi Trek is strictly forbidden to smoke and drink. The team commander’s final choice is valid and binding. Treks and Trails claim the right, without notification, to change or divert or cancel plans. If you are unable to send text messages kindly, telephone confirmation is obligatory. 

The highlights of this trek

Enjoy this ambitious trek with your family members and friends in the wilds to Fort Rajmachi. Start exploring and enjoy the cultural history of Shrivardhan as well as the castles of Manaranjan. Discover the delicious food you served on your trekking trip. During your Rajmachi fort Trek capture the lovely green mountain ranges, waterfalls, amazing forts, lush greenery, and lovely plants and animals. Get the equipment to include in the package to and from Rajmachi in joint transfers.

What you are supposed to be doing on this trek

Contact your guide in the station Lonavala at 07:00 pm and begin your ambitious hike to Rajmachi Fort with your staff at around 8:45 pm and sense the wonders of nature. Start exploring the village life which, when you reach the foundation village of Rajmachi, is graced with peace and tranquility. Fill the tasty meal you served with your belly. Get prepared to start your trip again at 7:00 am and make your eyes bless with the beautiful view of the sunrise. Take advantage of the majestic view of the green mountains, waterfalls, magnificent furthest places, green valleys, and lovely fauna of Rajmachi Fort. Go to the base town and have your team breakfast. Come on and get ready for takeoff for Lonavala at 9:00 am, with a click on a few of the best looking photos with an absolutely gorgeous back story.

The best time for the trek

The best time to see a light fire on the tour is during the months of May and June. These beetles survive for only 2 months with bioluminescence. You will be brought back to a land of mystery with them shining bright mostly during evening and night. If you walk during the mountain season, you will see the allure of luxuriant greenery and waterfall-filled valleys. The color changes totally on the trek after the Monsoon as well as the winter season. It’s something completely different to walk for autumn trees and clear views. Overall, the whole experience will be something to keep remembering through your entire life.

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