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Summer Outdoor fog machine cooling solutions

Sometimes, summer is even faster than a roller coaster, which means outdoor barbecue, football or basketball match, marathon, hiking, water park, golf, cycling, etc. In winter, these outdoor events that people most look forward to can finally carry out. But just like the dangers of long-term exposure to cold weather, long-time actions in the summer under the sun will inevitably cause harm to people and even lead to severe consequences. Therefore, event organizers can use the fog misting system to cool down the temperature for people and places.

Why do you need an fog machine?

A patio is a good place for parties and barbecues with family and friends. The outdoor fog machine can easily connect to your roof, making you and your family cool off all summer. The fog nozzle is specially designed not to rust and is more resistant to calcium deposits that can cause clogging. The ultra-fine mist produced by the nozzle is significantly better than other systems, such as a fog fan with a small cooling area. The outdoor fog machine can quickly cool you 5-15 degrees in a large area.

Children often participate in summer football or baseball training camps, which means there will be matches every weekend. In these sports grounds, many family members will also participate in activities. Each stadium will have specific stalls and dining carts to meet people’s eating and drinking needs, so keeping cool for these parents and children is also what an event organizer should do.

Marathon runners need to be especially careful when participating in competitions in the summer. Because we all know that water is essential to keep the body hydrated. But the combination of heat generated by exercise and the sun’s heat can cause problems for their body. Convulsions are medical signs of athletes, indicating that heatstroke is approaching quickly and must take immediate action. It occurs when there is brief physical stress in the heat. Symptoms are hyperventilation and difficulty breathing, as well as muscle cramps. Remove the individual from the heat, slow your breathing, and initiate a series of relaxation methods to alleviate the problem. When muscle cramps occur alone without other symptoms, the pain is less severe than heat cramps. So fog misting system would be the savior of the marathon.

What is the fog Machine?

The working principle of this system is based on the evaporation of droplets in the air, which quickly absorbs heat and reduces the surrounding area’s temperature. And the key in this system is a specially designed fogging nozzle, which is used to spray fine mist with a size suitable for rapid evaporation. The area is cooled but does not produce excessive humidity, so athletes can stay cool without getting wet. Children can enjoy playing in the mist, and parents do not worry about mud puddles.

Some famous music festivals use the fog misting system in their actions every year. And also, some large water parks use it to increase incomes. This particular cooling method is beneficial for protecting people prone to heatstroke. At the same time, it also can attract people to participate in this event just because of its cooling effect. When we seek to cool the body in hot weather, the fog misting system is always popular.

Imagine using a fogging system to cool your body on those hot days in August. It’s perfect! It’s comfortable enough and won’t make you feel cold. Nebufly provides kinds of fog systems and machines, you can visit their site for a full listing of products and services.

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