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Recognizing troubled teens. Best specialist in Lahore

You have no idea what happened to your sweet little child who used to stick to you like a post-it. As soon as they entered teenage, they morphed into a cantankerous person who has no purpose other than to raise your blood pressure.

Why teenagers are so difficult?

Well, there is a reason why teenagers are any parent’s test for patience. They are growing physically, but so is their brain. Therefore, the way that they process information is rather different from an adult.

Moreover, since they are hitting puberty, and there is an onslaught of new hormones in their body, therefore, their behavior takes a turn for the worst as well. Due to their coming of age, their bodies change as well, which can be very stressful.

However, there is a difference between a difficult teenager, and a troubled teenager. The latter require a rigorous form of intervention, as their behavior can put them at risk, requiring a visit to the Best Child specialist in Lahore then.

A troubled teenager may also harm others as well, including other’s being and property. Thus, it is imperative that parents recognize the signs of a troubled teenager, so they can get their child much-needed help.

Rebellious behavior

Rebellion during the teenage is not unheard of. Teenagers think of themselves as pseudo adults, and thus want their independence, even though they clearly cannot manage on their own.

However, a troubled teenager takes it up a notch. They always escalate the arguments, become violent in their conduct. They skip school and get into fights. They are also not hesitant about having run-ins with the law.

Change in appearance

Change in appearance is not unheard of in the teenagers. Some girls start to wear makeup, the size of their clothes might decrease, causing a spat with their parents. Boys also tend to change their looks, as being fashionable is important.

The change in appearance is also influenced by the need to be attractive, since now, sex hormones are active in the body, and teenagers want to have a love-interest.

Some teenagers, become more disgruntled, and channel a gothic-rebel look by slathering on eye liner, wearing black, and chopping off their hair.

However, if the change in appearance is also followed by a grave change in behavior, then it is a sign of a troubled teenager. Behavioral change may include falling grades, change in attitude towards food etc.

Moreover, if you see the change followed by extreme weight loss, that is also a sign of concern.

Peer influence

Teenagers are influenced more by their friends and peers, as opposed to their parents, who fall very low on the totem pole of influence. They may even consider their parents embarrassing, which can be hurtful. However, that is run-of-the-mill teenage behavior that parents should be prepared for.

A troubled teenager, on the other hand, changes their friend suddenly, and mostly, not for the better. They then act recklessly with their fellow hooligans. In few alarming cases, the teenager might not have friends and they might spend their time alone.

Mood swings

Teenagers are susceptible to greater mood swings, due to the raging hormones in the body. Moreover, as their bodies are still developing, they more likely for them to suffer from oscillating  moods. They might be irritable and suffer from lack of control over their emotions.

Troubled teenagers have even more severe mood swings. Their personality changes. They stop caring about school or grades. But even more alarming are the psychological changes.

From stress to depression, they are more susceptible to mental health issues. Some might also suffer from bullying, further aggravating their fragile emotions.Child specialist

Moreover, they also may have problems with sleep, that then has implications for not just their mental health, but also jeopardizes their physical health as well, requiring a visit to the Best Child specialist in Islamabad then.

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