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Things You Need To Know Before Attending The Istanbul International MUN

Istanbul International MUN is a unique program where teens from around the world get the chance to develop their leadership skills and gain global perspectives. It’s been called one of the most challenging and rewarding programs in all of the education, and it’s been praised by some of our most respected leaders. This year, 2018, will be hosted in Istanbul for the first time!

International Model UN is an exciting opportunity for young people to learn about diplomacy while having fun with friends from other countries. They’ll also have opportunities to interact with diplomats, politicians, journalists etc., many of who are volunteers at these conferences. MUNers (participants) can choose committees that interest them or work on several different ones throughout their stay. Students might be assigned roles such as an ambassador or head delegate for their country, and they will assume that role throughout the conference. 

Bear in mind!

Before attending the Istanbul International MUN, there are a few things to know: Turkey is a Muslim country and the dress code during the conference is Western formal. The language of instruction is English at the event. It’s important to be aware that some parts of Turkey may not be as safe as other areas such as Ankara. Be sure to stay within the assigned hotel grounds. The Model UN is hosted over 3 weeks, so it’s recommended that participants have at least 15 days in Istanbul. This includes time before and after the MUN for travel arrangements. Don’t forget your passport! It will be required when checking into the hotel or passing through security checkpoints around Istanbul.

International Model UN is an excellent opportunity for teens looking to gain global perspectives, interact with other students from around the world, and ultimately become better leaders for tomorrow! Make sure you’re prepared with these few things before attending this thrilling event! Find more information on upcoming conferences here.


International Model United Nations is a program that is educational in nature. It has been in existence for the last 60 years and in 60 different countries. The experience of this is a dynamic one, which involves a lot of assessing and debating international issues. It has been hailed as one of the most unique programs in all of the education because it provides teens with an opportunity to develop their leadership skills and gain global perspectives. This year, Istanbul will host its first Istanbul International MUN!

Additionally, it can be an extremely rewarding experience for youth who want to take off in different fields. The difference between this program and others is that students are not usually allowed to give speeches or read prepared statements during sessions; rather, they speak freely based on their knowledge about an issue. This provides them with more freedom than other programs like debate club because all speakers must come up with new ideas on the spot. Another benefit is that students are encouraged to look at every side of an issue. This isn’t limited to one ideology or point of view, allowing teens to gain a diverse range of perspectives.


It’s been called one of the most challenging and rewarding programs in all of education. This program enables youth to develop their leadership skills and gain global perspectives. The high school level is different from the university level. In 2018, a survey of the Turkey team members will be available to take. The main theme of this year’s conference is Refugee Crisis and Global Migration. This year’s simulation committee themes are United Nations Security Council, Economic and Social Council, and Special Committee on Decolonization.

Each year, the Istanbul International MUN is held in Turkey. At this conference, there are many committees that are chosen to represent countries around the world at this simulation of the actual United Nations. A new theme has never been done so 2018 will be the first time with the main theme being Refugee Crisis and Global Migration. The delegates also compete against each other in different contexts, such as best delegate awards for outstanding delegates representing their committee well by researching all of its topics thoroughly and providing thorough arguments for specific resolutions on certain issues at hand.


The Istanbul International MUN is one of the most prestigious Model UN conferences in the world. With over 3,000 participants from more than 130 countries and 60+ committees to choose from, there’s something for everyone! If you’re interested in attending this conference or would like to learn about some other facts about it, let us know. We’ll be happy to connect with you and answer any questions that come up related to your decision-making process.

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