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Top 10 Tips to Have a Longer Battery Life on Android

With advancements in science and technology, smartphones are growing futuristically. You belong to the era where iPhones and Android phones are at war. People vote for phones that succeed in providing a longer battery life.

Nonetheless, an android phone’s battery life is not solely dependent on its manufacture. There are multiple ways through which a user can make it last longer. If you plan to get stuck in a situation where you cannot afford the phone dead, look below.

How to Have an Extended Battery Life?

Smartphones require smart users, and you can be one of them. Technically, there is no smartness in draining the phone’s battery brutally.

So, whenever you use the best discount codes on an electronic store, make sure to buy an android phone with a good battery duration. Learn how you can extend it for a longer time.

1.      Turn On the Power Saving Mode

You may have noticed that an android phone goes automatically to the power-saving mode. It happens when the battery starts showing an alert. The ‘battery saver mode will kill all the unnecessary apps and cut back on functions

Thus, it is a good way to support battery life. At times where you think the battery will go down soon, switch to this model.

2.      Turn Off Mobile Network Data

You cannot ignore how quickly the phone goes down while using mobile data. The apps nowadays cannot permit a user to turn off internet usage. However, Wi-Fi is your best friend. It eats a lesser battery as compared to mobile data.

Therefore, please turn it off when you want to extend battery life. Also, you can turn on the airplane mode. But make sure you are not expecting calls and texts.

3.      Skip the Idea of Active Tracking

Another way your phone battery drain’s off is through GPS. The features like Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, and the phone’s visibility consume more battery. You can give these a rest at home. Try to turn these on for particular minutes or hours.

These apps are not required throughout the day. Hence, you can handle features in a way that battery life gets longer.

4.      Lower Your Android’s Brightness

Smartphones look futuristic with increased brightness. You can enjoy a high-quality display. However, it is dangerous for battery life. Try to keep the brightness lower enough to support your vision.

Aside from protecting your eyes, you will save battery too. Try to shorten the screen timeout and adjust the brightness level. Night mode is another way to save your phone’s battery at night.

5.      Rethink Wallpaper and Screensaver

With advancing phones, the themes, wallpapers, screensavers, and widgets have modernized. You can find live wallpapers and unique screensavers on your android phone. However, these look good only to the eyes.

You are draining battery life with more widgets. Also, wallpapers with more colors tend to eat more battery. You can prefer the simpler ones for saving battery.

6.      Take Control of Your Recent Apps

Using multiple apps can drain the battery soon. Try to use one app at a time. Switching between apps constantly can also eat up your android phone’s battery time. Also, keeping a list of recently opened apps for a smart view or quick access is harmful to your phone.

Close your recently opened apps soon after you are done with the job. Clear games, WhatsApp, chrome, and any similar apps to hold onto battery life.

7.      Restrict Background Running Apps

Multiple apps keep running in the background after your exit from them. However, Android allows you to control these apps through its features. You can restrict it through battery tools on the phone.

Try to limit it from ruining in the background completely. Visit the ‘apps notification’ page through settings, and there you go. Find background restriction and turn it on.

8.      Disable Google Assistant at First

It is fun to use Google Assistant. You can be handy for everything and use it all day. Unfortunately, the ideal use of this app gobbles up with your android phone’s battery. Therefore, get more manual whenever possible.

Sadly, it is not easy to find Google Assistant on the phone. You can quickly jump to it through Google app > More > Settings > Google Assistant > Settings > Assistant.

9.      Get Rid Of Vibration and Ringing

People are fond of using the vibrate feature to stay more alert. You can use it where you must keep your Android in silent mode. It is helpful on the road or while driving.

However, it drains your phone’s battery quickly. Therefore, you can try to turn it off when there is no need to turn on vibration mode. Try to turn off notifications vibrations too.

10.  Switch to the Stylish Dark Mode

Nowadays, most android phones with an OLED screen support dark mode. You can switch to this mode and save battery life. It is similar to adjusting the brightness level. Try to apply this model for multiple apps too.

Almost all smartphone apps nowadays offer a dark mode. You can use WhatsApp, Facebook, Text Messages, Twitter, and other apps in dark mode.

Wrap Up

These are the top 10 ways through which you can have extended battery life. You may not apply all the tips on your Android together. Nevertheless, in case you have left your charger at home, remember these, and help stay connected to your phone firmly.


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