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What is the best way to download Instagram IGTV videos free?

If you were looking for the best way to download Instagram IGTV videos free, remember the name DownloadGram IGTV Downloader. Thanks to the DownloadGram team, anyone can simply save IGTV videos to their devices easier. If you still do not know DownloadGram IGTV Downloader, here is everything you should know. DownloadGram is a user-friendly tool that helps to download any type of media file from Instagram. Since Instagram does not let you download its media files, having DownloadGram Downloader on your bookmarks would be very handy. The link to the IGTV video is the only thing that you have to submit. The media file will save to the device right away.

DownloadGram IGTV Downloader for Instagram

There is no doubt that DownloadGram IGTV Downloader is one of the must-have tools of all Instagram users. Although not having a download option in Instagram was serious a couple of years back, thanks to DownloadGram Online Downloader, users can save whatever media to their devices right away. It brings you the photograph, video, or IGTV video offline within a few seconds.

Anyhow, DownloadGram IGTV Downloader is not a common app that you should install. It is completely based on the web. It can be used even when you are using a computer or laptop. All operating systems and devices are compatible. As clarified, it is not just for IGTV videos. You are welcome with any Instagram media file. Unlike many other online tools, it lets you go through without signing up. And it is not a paid service. DownloadGram IGTV Downloader is free of charge.

What’s more?

Of course, there are hundreds of similar tools on the web which are the same as DownloadGram. But, DownloadGram IGTV Downloader is the most excellent suggestion. You don’t have to waste the device storage, sign up or make payments to use it. Another best part of this is it can convert files into readable formats such as jpg and mp4 when downloaded. If you wonder why we say it is user-friendly, just follow the DownloadGram IGTV Downloader web page and check the user interface. You will see the download bar and the “Download Now” button respectively on top of the page. That’s all you need to process.

When you are getting ready to download Instagram IGTV videos for free, DownloadGram IGTV Downloader asks you to copy the link of each post and paste it right away on its download bar. 


  • DownloadGram IGTV Downloader is an online tool. So it cannot install on devices
  • It is a user-friendly tool
  • It can download any photo or video shared on Instagram
  • And it converts files into jpg and mp4 respectively
  • It is a free tool
  • Users can use the tool on desktop or smart devices. It does not matter the operating system
  • It is totally safe

How to use DownloadGram IGTV Downloader?

  • Go to your Instagram account
  • Catch the IGTV video that you wish to download
  • Copy its link or the URL
  • After that, go to the web browser and search DownloadGram IGTV Downloader
  • And then apply the link that you copied previously to the download bar
  • Now you can tap the “Download Now” option
  • Wait for a while until you see the preview
  • Simply tap the “Download” button and continue
  • The IGTV video will save to the gallery or folder

Important facts to remember

  • The effectiveness of DownloadGram IGTV Downloader is based on your internet connection. So make sure to connect to a stable Wi-Fi
  • And the DownloadGram tool can download any media that shared on Instagram using its URL
  • Users can go through a smartphone or computer
  • If it is a smartphone, make sure that the device got enough space

Final words

There is no doubt that you too agreed with our suggestion. Because of the unique and simple features of the tool, DownloadGram IGTV Downloader can always recommend the best way to download IGTV videos for free. And of course, this is not a premium method. It is free. And it is safe and sound. The user-friendly interface supports any Instagram user to download whatever media to their device in minutes. DownloadGram IGTV Downloader will not just save IGTV videos to devices without converting them. Since mp4 and jpg are the common formats that devices can read, DownloadGram converts files into them while saving. If there is any post on Instagram that you see, simply copy the link and paste it on DownloadGram Online Downloader. That’s it. 

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